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arnault perret montrĂ©al d'aude, France
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Cursors by buda 19 comments

i was looking for this kind of theme since a while : for me, it's just THE perfect cursor theme... no need to 'point', just put it on the center !!

great work !! thanks a lot ! - Feb 21 2016

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by roog 36 comments

darthwound made a square'corners edition of this theme if someone is interrested ;) : - Jul 21 2011
Command Wolf - Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by VendettaWolf 5 comments

hi, if you're still looking for the original wall...
here is some of:

:) - Dec 20 2009
you're welcome :) glad i could help :)
all credits to londonali1010 for the script & crunchbang linux forum for conky inspiration ;) - Oct 09 2009
with a little script:
#to start/stop zen rings
if pidof conky | grep [0-9] > /dev/null
exec killall conky

sleep 4s
conky -c ~/scripts/conkyrc_zen1 &
conky -c ~/scripts/conkyrc_zen2 &
conky -c ~/scripts/conkyrc_zen3 &

you can put it in your autostart or bind it to a speciakey :) - Oct 08 2009
hi, and thx for your kind words :)
the meaning of "..." is: conkyrc's calls lua scripts by their path (/home/arp/scripts/rings.lua in my case), you have to edit all scripts to adjust path of lua scripts in conkyrc(last line before TEXT) and replace the path by yours.
hope i'm clear, if not,mail me on my own page.... here is the londonali1010's place ;) and thanks again for your support :) - Oct 07 2009
... and use it... and abuse it: i made a complete conkyring setup from your work, available on devart
hope you like, hope you don't mind... i credit your work and CH! too :)
keep up the good job,
a big fan
arp - Oct 02 2009
Pyte Dark (#!)

Openbox Themes by ac3xyz 1 comment

as i said, you made a very nice work on this setup. i really like how colors/lines/gradients works together to make a smooth desktop.
and nice work from anon-bottoo ;) - Aug 11 2009
desktop integration

Openbox Themes by arpbook 3 comments

hi, in fact, that's exactly what about this theme is : no borders. :)
talking about conky, the openbox menu comes above conky so there is no issue as you can see in the screenshot here : < > .
anyway, i'll maybe make a theme with a "shade border" as you mention...
thx for comment and support ;) - Feb 16 2009
omns blocks gdm theme

GDM Themes by arpbook 2 comments

thanks for support :)
glad you like it... don't forget to look at omns page on deviant :
- Feb 12 2009
Conky Box

Conky by lyrae 13 comments

hi, i really like your conky-box-set.
just made a little mod and test a "puzzle-conky-set"
hope you like: - Jan 17 2009

Pek-WM Themes by lyrae 6 comments

what a theme !!!
excellent. as the other, i really like it
keep the good job ;)
- May 29 2008
ibex custom svg

Cliparts by lopagof 7 comments

i made the heron'one... so ... i let you this one ;-)
maybe can you fix the font color(black) to be the same as the icon color ??? anyway good job logapof, thanks for sharing.. - May 26 2008
arpbook dock icons 01

Icon Sub-Sets by arpbook 4 comments

so now, that's what you wanted or this blue is not the one you expected ?? ;-) - May 25 2008
CrunchBang Linux uSplash Gray

Usplash Themes by rugby471 1 comment

great job!!
all works fine on 1280x800 laptop.
thanks for your #!work :) - Mar 08 2008

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