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Konstantinos Smanis , Greece
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Plasma 4 Extensions 68 comments

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May 11 2008
Excellent plasmoid! Keep up the good work! - Feb 17 2008

System Software 38 comments

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Sep 26 2008
I am awfully sorry but unfortunately this entails lots and lots of work. It took me almost 4 months to port it from Qt4 to KDE4 in my tight schedule. Soon or later KDE4 will become mainstream.

Why do you want a KDE3 port? Simply install the KDE4 libs and you are done. Especially now that the first packages will be available, all you'll have to do is simply enter your root password. - Feb 17 2008

System Software 52 comments

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Feb 17 2008
If I'm not mistaken PCLinuxOS uses the APT package system so I think the Debian download will do the work... - Jan 10 2008
@eks: Thanks. Here are my replies:

1. In the first releases of QGRUBEditor (0.1 - 0.5 approximately) things used to work that way (with a Save Settings button) but later on this method was replaced with the current one which is considered to be better since it is more user-friendly (it only takes a single mouse-click). I get this feeling too from times to times (that something is missing) but the target audience of QGRUBEditor is not experienced users but novice. So I am afraid things will stay as is, in this aspect. Oh and by the way the settings are equally sticky this way :-D

2. Support for the map command will be available in the next release, along with other improvements. GRUB has numerous commands and I certainly could not add support for all of them (the GUI would be too tiring) so I had to neglect some commands. Among these was the map command because I thought it was not necessary. However, since you told me so I have to implement support. Do you have any other useful commands in mind that should be added? I'm open to ideas...

@suseburger:There is no need to do so because Qt libraries are no longer used. QGRUBEditor's development has stopped and a new project has begun aiming to continue QGRUBEditor's successful evolution. It is named KGRUBEditor and in fact it is QGRUBEditor re-written in the KDE4 libraries. It will offer much much more features than QGRUBEditor and will be even more user-friendly. So consider it as a much better version of QGRUBEditor. Currently it is under development and will not be released before KDE4 is released. Whenever it is ready I will make an announce in this page pointing to KGRUBEditor's new homepage. If you are interested in watching KGRUBEditor's development you may find its code in this SVN repository:

KGRUBEditor's SourceForge Page:

I will pay more attention with its KDE4 dependencies this time. - Dec 28 2007
First of all, thanks for the Polish translation. It will be included in the next version of QGRUBEditor.

Secondly, MitchX from your ideas I think that adding an icon for each entry would be easy.
Concerning the 'splash' and 'ro' kernel options, it would be easy to add such options but I'm not sure whether or not every kernel supports these options. It certainly needs some googling.
'update-grub' and 'grub-install' would also be easy so I think they will be included.
However a grub preview would be a bit hard to achieve and thus I don't think I will include such a feature in the next version (but nothing is impossible).

Regarding the bug, do you have the gzip (a.k.a gunzip) and imagemagick packages installed? QGRUBEditor now depends on them for the Splash Preview and Creator... - Oct 31 2007
In version 2.5.0 you must have Qt4.3.0.

MitchX I'll consider your ideas and post a reply in a few days. - Oct 26 2007
In the next version full HTML-based Documentation will be added and anything else you tell me.

Now next up is QSplashManager :)

PS: Packages (.deb, .rpm etc) will be available in a day or two. - Oct 14 2007
Ultimately, I changed opinion (it is to your benefit, don't worry). QGRUBEditor specializes in GRUB and nothing else. I wouldn't like to make it just as StartUp Manager, a bunch of settings which have nothing to do with each other. But what actually changed my mind is your post. You said that USplash is Ubuntu only and I can't integrate it into QGRUBEditor, since my tool works on all Linux distros. (this would make it Ubuntu-specific). So, I'll create a new tool (probably named QSplashManager) which will specialize in splash images (I plan even to integrate Splashy support as you told me). Now concerning QGRUBEditor, I found some nice tricks googling such as creating your own splashimages using any kind of image, encrypting your password using an md5crypt and much much more which you'll see in the next release. Any comments? - Sep 07 2007
First of all, thanks for the Slackware package. Please remember to update it every one or two releases.

Moreover, I had never heard of USplash or StartUp Manager before and after googling I realised that adding USplash support (as SUM does) is extremely easy. Just wait for the next release ;-D. It certainly needs some more googling and reading documentation but I think I will make it. Thanks for bringing USplash into my attention. I had no idea that it was editable. - Sep 04 2007
Another package is available (thanks to Nicola Yanev). This time it is an .rpm. It will work on most rpm-based distros (if not in all of them). See the links above. - Aug 20 2007
Υοur wish is my command ;-D! I created a .deb package! It certainly isn't perfect as it is missing some elements which every package should have but at least it works. It installs QGRUBEditor just perfectly and then you may remove it through the convenience of your package manager. It is the very first package I create so it isn't perfect. Maybe apachelogger could create a better package since he has more experience. Anyway, you can find the package in the links above. Have fun! - Aug 18 2007
Second major version of QGRUBEditor is out!

The whole source code was rewritten(I would appreciate it if other developers could assess the new code) and now QGRUBEditor runs flawlessly (at least for me). Many new features were implemented and some of the old ones were enhanced. In the ChangeLog you may find some of the changes (unfortunately not all of them) but I strongly advise you to download QGRUBEditor and test it on your system. The new features are amazing (especially the data viewing feature which in my opinion will be especially helpful for newbiews - try pressing "Ctrl+V" in the main window) and above all they run like a gem!

All feature requests were done (see the previous posts) except for GRUB2 Support :-(. This wasn't done due to lacking documentation. From September till next summer, I'll be having much less free time so if you wish to see any of your ideas completed, please let me know soon.

PS: All translations but the Greek one is outdated (translators are probably on vacation). Whenever they are ready I'll update the download. Oh, and thanks for the Arch Packages ;-D. - Aug 16 2007
You're absolutely right! I implemended it but you'll have to wait for version 1.6! - Jul 25 2007
apachelogger, now I think you may start with the package! I hope you liked this double release (version 1.3 -> 1.5)! - Jul 24 2007
Sorry for taking me so long to answer but I was working hard on QGRUBEditor and QAliasEditor. Hopefully I released the first version of QAliasEditor and in a couple days I will release version 1.5 of QGRUBEditor. It has changed dramatically. You'll notice it immediately! - Jul 23 2007
Thanks a lot for your advise...

As you can see I did all the changes you told me... I hope it is easier for you now to create the package. Whenever it is ready send it to me via e-mail so that I can upload to it to SourceForge. (You can see my e-mail in the About Box. I am the head developer ;-D)

PS: I hope the package you are creating is for version 1.3 of QGRUBEditor and that it will be compatible with all (K/X/Ed)ubuntu versions.

(And you weren't confusing at all) - Jul 17 2007
To tell you the truth, I don't know how GRUB2 works (which file it reads, the syntax of the file bla,bla,bla) so if you were so kind as to give me a couple of links and/or a file such as menu.lst I would really appreciate it...

(I googled for it but what I found was irrelevant... :-D )

Thanx in advance! - Jun 29 2007
Really nice ideas!! Thanx a lot... I think I'll implement a couple of these (the splash thumbnail for sure) in the next version (1.2) - Jun 28 2007
I would really appreciate your help, since I don't have time to create binary packages. However, I would advise you not to create a package for version 1.0, because v.1.1 is almost ready and is much better. Believe me.

Furthermore, is it possible to create packages for every two or three versions?

Last but not least, if you could transfer the install system to CMake, that would solve many prblems and thus, I really prefer it to the install script(which in fact was a temporary solution).

Thanks!!! - Jun 27 2007
As you can see many features have been added. Enjoy. If you wish to see your features, contact me! - Jun 20 2007
Documentation and improving the application's GUI is in my plans but in the first place i would like to enable those buttons, which will do all the work (Settings, Add Slot etc.) - Jun 15 2007
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