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Enrico B , Italy

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I've installed a fresh Mandriva 2009.1 on VirtualBox.
Then, from Mandriva repository, I've downloaded:
+ libqt3-devel (with all its dependences: it's about 125MB)
+ make
+ gcc-g++ (other 10MB)

I've downloaded qpaddy from qt-apps :-P and then:
tar jxvf 62284-qpaddy-0.89.0.tar.bz2

cd qpaddy-0.89.0/


export QTDIR


And I have a qpaddy running.

I'm sure that it's not the best practice to use export for modify QTDIR, but I'm not familiar with Mandriva. Perhaps you should use alternatives (man update-alternatives)
For example, as root, try:
# update-alternatives --display qmake
# alternatives --display uic
- Aug 07 2009

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I'm sorry, but I've seen your comment only today, after the 0.88.6 version.

To install QPaddy by source you need qmake and other utilities such as uic and moc, which are probably included in one package (qt3-dev-tools for ubuntu). The rpm package for Mandriva was made by a Polish guy, but I was not able to contact him for the last versions. So I think that the only way to install last version of QPaddy is to use the source.

I'm happy to see your translation for QPaddy and I'll use for the next version. If you want I can send you a pre-realese so that you can translate it.

For more info for installation or translation you can email to: ebmail @

I hope to hear from you soon. - May 29 2009

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The only difference between QPaddy 0.87.0 and 0.87.0b is the file format:
qpaddy.0.87.0.tar.bz2 was, in fact, a gzipped file;
qpaddy.0.87.0b.tar.bz2 is a really bzip2 file.

Sorry. I am sure this was not a big issue for you.

Have you got some other problems compiling and using QPaddy?
Have you got some notes on QPaddy?
Any comment is greatly appreciated, thanks. - Aug 26 2007