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ashley williams

Wallpaper Other by ash933 15 comments

Have I mentioned the war in Iraq?
I put my comment because I knew people would jump to conclusions and automatically think it's about war.

Terror doesn't have to come yeilding a weapon... but of course you knew that.(Microsoft are an example). Did I say the war in Iraq is terrorism? You only think that becuase you want to. I support the war... it's moral to remove an oppressive dictator who's murdered his own people because they're entitled to an opinion.

I might sound like a hypocrite... but who cares, I know what I mean.

Also, you referred to it as "crappy art"... you speak as if you're a great artist which I strongly doubt. - Apr 08 2003

Wallpaper Other by ash933 15 comments

I'm sorry it doesn't fit your taste. I didn't ask anyone to like it. It's my opinion.

It says "terror". - Apr 08 2003