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Laporte Franck

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by thormedia 38 comments

I like a lot that window decoration, but i recently changed my KDE style to something darker... and i have to say that this WHITE window decoration isn't ok for dark colors.
So maybe you would be able to make color changes available on it...

Otherwise, good job ! ;o) - Nov 04 2002
Free Icons Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by tmielnik75 4 comments

Very cute, not very colorised but good ! ;o) - May 26 2002

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by pgomes 19 comments

When you buy something with "Microsoft" on it, you help Windows, Office, Outlook, Internet Explorer and so many other things from it.

If X-Box is cool you will buy it instead of GameCube or PLaystation2 ?

I think there is so much better hardware to use than Microsoft's.

Even if I liked this splash screen, I would not use it cause of the mouse pic.

When someone, who is not realy good in computer, come to your home, he will see the mouse. When he will meet friends, he will say "Microsoft is good" and people will by some XP or some 2000...

It's hard for me to explain but I realy think we have to boycott it and to leave no chance ! Cause even if in the one who don't like Microsoft we use things from it we let no chance to alternatives... - May 26 2002
Papilio (4 resolutions)

Wallpaper Other by borisgeissler 3 comments

I like your background but... what is this link for you site... "Optimised for IE" ??? Hey we are in a Linux world and eaven if it weren't, nobody had to optimise its site for a specific navigator. You know that you contribute to make alive Microsoft and all bad things there are in that ? - May 25 2002
iMMersion 5 - transparent

Wallpaper Other by ASpirit 22 comments

Eheh, i'm very happy that so many people like it... i will try to do better or something little different. For now, thanks to every one for your comments.

Just need an idea, i wanted to make a wallpaper with some dancing pinguins (after children the girls, lol ;o) ).

I'll be back with some other good ideas ! I hope. - May 25 2002
iMMersion 5 - transparent

Wallpaper Other by ASpirit 22 comments

Yes it's true that i need time to have a better rate... but this is an image which as its past so i prefered to keep it, the score was 62% yesterday, today it's 73% (8 hours) so maybe it will be ok. - May 25 2002
The Lord Of The Kernels

Wallpaper Other by themesKnugen 8 comments

It's a shame your picture is not in better quality, i don't realy like it but i like the originaliry, the way it's different. Try to apply more visual effects and to make it more "for background". - May 24 2002
iMMersion 5 - transparent

Wallpaper Other by ASpirit 22 comments

As requested I will try to make a transparent version (not as easy as I could think) of course making something not very good is not hard but I want to make something good, so i take my time... maybe in few days.

I would like to thank people who have left a comment about my job. It's important for all people who make things for sharing them. I think you would make the same for everything when you have something to say. It's always interessant.

I also would like to escuse myself about the first comment i posted, a little bored ! I was just posted the picture and was happy of it, two hours letter the rate was 38%, generaly this score is for bad ones. And people who rate so bad for me didn't let any comment so i was a little mad. - May 23 2002
iMMersion 5 - transparent

Wallpaper Other by ASpirit 22 comments

What means banding ? Flashy ? - May 23 2002
iMMersion 5 - transparent

Wallpaper Other by ASpirit 22 comments

I don't understand people... some backgrounds with the same colors are on the top, very well rated, and when i do something that look like (and i spend a lot of time) nobody like my work...

I've made the image with the Gimp, the pinguin has been taken and a little modified.

You can find the text effect on the GUG site, there is some tutorials, I've used "Apple iMac like effect" (little modified too) see also the "bump maping" tutorial into Basics, it helps for one thing.

Thanks for having replied to me. - May 23 2002
iMMersion 5 - transparent

Wallpaper Other by ASpirit 22 comments

Why do you rate it so bad ??? EXPLAIN IT MAN !!! WHAT DOESN'T MATTER HUH ??? Don't do things just for fun ok ? AND SAY IT IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT and... WHYYYYYYYYYY !!! - May 23 2002
Navi Wallpaper(from lain series)

Wallpaper Other by topochan 1 comment

I love Lain ! Hope you will soon give more ! - May 20 2002
iMMersion 3 all resolutions

Wallpaper Other by ASpirit 2 comments

You will see that your rate will improve ! I voted for you.

Good luck for the next ! - May 20 2002
My request: Qnix for kde 3

Various Stuff by maxxin 6 comments

There is an error when i try to download it... an other problem, i don't see any screenshot. - May 20 2002