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Alexander Nemish , Ukraine
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Jul 03 2007
Всегда пожалуйста :) - Aug 29 2007
Thanks, already there :) - Aug 08 2007
Hi Orbit. Thanks for your good words.
Google and say that .lit format is a proprietary Microsoft DRM-protected format for their MS Reader.
Unfortunately, BooKreader 0.2 doesn't support this format. Probably it will in further versions.
I suppose you'd better convert your .lit books into plain-text files using .lib->txt converters you may find.
Thanks. - Aug 08 2007
Thanks for your interest. Regarding your propositions:
1-3: they are planned features as you may see on http://kbookreader/about.
4: you can choose any default encoding you like in the preferences dialog. utf-8 is the greatest encoding but most russian text-books are encoded with cp1251 so choosing it as the default is very comfortably.
5: I suppose you can get the same effect by choosing larger/smaller font size in the preferences dialog. - thanks, I'll look there. - Jun 28 2007
By default bookreader is installed in /usr/local/bin or/ usr/local/kde/bin.
./configure --prefix=/usr should help - Jun 23 2007
Yes, I think it's a good solution. If you want I'll put your package on when it's ready. Just email it to atlanter at - Jun 13 2007
Thank you. Already in downloads. - Jun 13 2007
Thank you! Please, email the package to atlanter at gmail.
The problem is that on Kubuntu BooKreader is installed to /usr/local/kde/bin and this path is not in your $PATH. Anyway it should appear in the K menu after logout. Either you can run it directly. - Jun 12 2007
Could please anyone create Kubuntu package(s)? I'll add them to my downloads. I'm sure many people would appreciate that.
Thanks. - Jun 12 2007
OK, BooKreader moved to finally. I'm working on making normal site with forum, blog, screenshots etc. Hope it will be available soon. - Jun 11 2007
Unfortunately I have not much time to develop it. Anyway I'll move Bookreader to soon. I'll inform you all here when it finally happens. - Jun 08 2007
Thank you. I will put this link on if you don't mind. - Nov 19 2006
Thank you for your proposal. Sure I'm planning to support multiple languages. But now there too few strings for translation that differ from standard KDE's, like 'File', 'Preferences' in main menu. I haven't tested but seems they should be auto-translated according to your current KDE Language settings.
I'll let you know when I decide to start its translation and I'll be very appreciative for your help. - Nov 10 2006
Thanks. Have an idea to create interface for reader-plugins. So you can write plugins that load different file types (i.e. pdf, odt, html etc).
Could you please give me links to other readers support dual panels and can correctly justify paragraphs? Maybe I missed something? - Nov 09 2006