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Mike Downson

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Sep 23 2010
I forgot to add, here you have screen from mine Tweak Tool in Classic Gnome with Compiz on Linux Mint 12 from last month.

As you can see, I cannot use your theme, only icons in classic mode.

Do you have some suggestions? - Mar 27 2012
Hi, is it possible, maybe to do the same for Gnome Classic for LInux Mint 12 with compiz, bacause I needed to fallback to lower version than Gnome 3 or 2? - Mar 27 2012
Hiya James,

Since I discovered your first works I was always astounded. Yet this time you made awes0me hard coding work and were very busy with it ^ ^. Your theme looks excellent on any Gnome 3, sometimes there are some differences, but having Azenis on Linux is awesome enough to be truly happy.

As I am now :)

I'm using Linux Mint 12 with Compiz, so mostly I'm switched to Gnome Classic. I wonder if you could share Gnome classic Azenis based distro, bacause some guys, like me, wonder if I could have compiz and azenis at the same time.

Is it possible you could help with da simple theme or is it technically impossible? - Mar 27 2012