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May 25 2009
Could you, please, elaborate on what is it that you found confusing?
While you cannot add a video (add a video to what?), you can definitely open one by going to "Video"->"Open Video..." (or by dragging it to the player control or by using the player control context menu). To create a new subtitle, you just have to press the standard tool button titled "New" (which as you would expect, has also the standard "New" icon, and appears first in the tool bar and in the "File" menu). - Jan 25 2010
I see what you mean regarding the first issue, but I don't like the idea of simply matching the FPS property of the subtitle with the FPS of the opened video, as there really isn't a correspondence between the two values. (How should the program know if you've opened a file by mistake? what should the program do when the subtitles specify one value but the movie is in another? what should the program do if it can't determine the FPS of the video file --the phonon backend, for example, does not provide that information). I do realize however that you'd generally want the FPS value saved in the subtitles (for the formats that use it) to match the FPS of the video you are synchronizing against. I think the best way to deal with this would be to ask on save if both values should be matched. Or have an option to automatically synchronize the values on save.

About the seconds issue, that looks like a bug. I'll have a look a it when I can. - Jan 25 2010
thanks for reporting. i'll consider moving to KDE playground/extragear in the future. - Jun 06 2009
i don't know much about it, but i think that's up to the video backends (meaning that SC -and all other apps using them- would automatically benefit from it once they add support). - May 25 2009
SC can use different video backends: MPlayer, GStreamer, Xine and Phonon. In turn, Phonon (which is what Dragon Player uses) and Totem can use either Xine or GStreamer as their backends. All of them use FFmpeg lib for decoding which is free software but might be in violation of some software patents in jurisdictions that uphold them (like the US). - Mar 25 2009
Yes, work on French translation is already ongoing. If you're interested, I can put you in contact with the person doing the work. - Mar 08 2009
Are you running KDE4.2? I encountered some problems when trying to compile SC with it (there were some broken CMakeLists.txt files, though they should be fixed now).
If possible, please, try compiling the code from trunk (SVN repository is at and let me know if you still have this problem. - Feb 25 2009
thanks for the support, guys.
i think that one needs to apply (somehow) and then the applications gets reviewed and accepted or rejected. the idea of applying has crossed my mind but i haven't done anything about it yet. we'll see what the future brings. - Nov 22 2008
Just to be clear: I'm referring to the KDE3 branch. I'm (obviously) still using/testing/developing the KDE4 one. - Nov 20 2008
only if there's need for a bug fix release.
if you know of any minor or mayor bugs, please report them (i'm no longer using/testing it). - Nov 19 2008
seems like you're using a version of KDE older than 4.1 (the version in which enableFindReplace(bool) function was added).
please, remove line 44 in src/widgets/simplerichtextedit.cpp and tell me if that solves your problem. - Nov 17 2008
glad you like it! i've already fixed many things for next version and i'll make sure to check this too (btw, knowing if you're using version 0.4.3 or 0.5.1 might help).
i don't have much time right know, but hopefully i'll be able to release a new version in 2 or 3 weeks. - Oct 09 2008
send me the subtitle and i'll see what's wrong. - Sep 14 2008
man, do i suck at releases or what... i'll have a look at the missing configure issue. on another more embarrassing note, i've found a bug annoying (and close to release) enough to make me fix it and repackage everything. i have to wait for sourceforge to (really) remove the old files from the servers before uploading everything again but i'll do it ASAP. sorry for the inconveniences. - Sep 04 2008
the actual checks are performed by files FindXine.cmake and FindGStreamer.cmake (I think their location depends on your system). the checks are invoked from src/players/CMakeLists.txt - Sep 03 2008
sort of... accuracy with both xine and mplayer is worst than with gstreamer.
does the problem you described before happens everytime (with gstreamer) or randomly? - Apr 30 2008
thanks. the patch is applied now and will be included in the next release. - Apr 22 2008
i hadn't anticipate this would be a problem. for now, open the saved file with kate and change the line terminator with it (Tools->End of Line). the next release will have support for selecting the output line terminator. - Apr 22 2008
seems easy enough to do. i'll try to add it for the next release. - Apr 20 2008
well the missing SHIFT in the shortcut to move the subtitles looks like a bug. i'll give that a look.
about the missing po file, i had forgotten that i need to actually provide that file... sorry. i'll make a new release with it ASAP. - Apr 20 2008
don't worry, the kde4 port is in progress. in fact, this was supposed to be the kde4 release but at some point my kde4 installation got screwed so i continued the development in the kde3 branch and now they diverge quite a lot again... - Apr 11 2008
sorry guys,
i have updated the package in sourceforge, but though the new file length is reported correctly, it still sends the old file when following the download link... in the meantime, try running "make -f Makefile.cvs" before "configure". - Apr 11 2008
thanks for reporting. this any many other bugs are fixed in trunk.
i'll release a new version as soon as i can finish a few other things. - Feb 28 2008

Amarok 1.x Scripts 191 comments

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Mar 12 2009
probably at some point in the future. many changes are required by the new scripting framework (including porting everything to JS) and I don't have the time do it right now. - Jun 02 2009
To install any Amarok script, select the "Script Manager" entry in the "Tools" menu and click the "Get More Scripts" button. You'll see a list with available scripts, select the one you wish to install and click the "Install" button. Alternately, you can download the package manually from this site and use the "Install script" button in the Script Manager to select the downloaded file. - Mar 15 2009
The encoding for the downloaded lyrics does not depends on your locale but on the settings of the relevant lyrics site. If you are seeing garbled data then either some site is returning bad data or the corresponding plugin needs updating. Tell me which site(s) you are using and the song(s) you are having troubles with and I'll try to fix the problem. - Dec 21 2008
the script should update without problems but you'll need to remove the old script config file. doing the following should do the trick:
rm $HOME/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts-data/wikilyrics.xml
- Dec 21 2008
have you tried removing the script settings?
rm $HOME/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts-data/wikilyrics.xml - Nov 13 2008 was replaced with in version 0.13.2. - Nov 13 2008
Not in the short term.
The scripting framework in Amarok has changed radically. Amongst other things, I would have to port all of the code (which is quite a lot) from Ruby to JavaScript. That's unfortunate not only because I'm not very knowledgeable of that language, but also because it seems to have many drawbacks compared to using a general scripting language. I had written the script in a way that could be interface agnostic (even though there were only an Amarok and a command line interface, adapters for other players could be written). Porting it would probably mean the script can only be used from Amarok and that's an idea I'm not completely sold on. That might change once Amarok 2 gets in a state that (IMO) justifies upgrading from 1.4. - Nov 06 2008
does installing QtRuby or RubyGTK solve this? - Aug 21 2008
if the problem persist, try reentering your data in the config dialog or deleting the file $HOME/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts-data/wikilyrics.xml - Aug 20 2008
please, upgrade to version 0.13.0 and tell me if you still have this problem. - Aug 20 2008
that's a feature! seriously though, I'm aware of that, but currently amarok list all the executables it finds in the package and there isn't anything i can do about it (except removing the other executable, but that's not something i want to do). - Jun 27 2008
could you tell me which song caused this crash? - Jun 23 2008
please, try version 0.12.10 and tell me if it's working now. - Jun 03 2008
damn, i can't seem to get the release straight...
thanks for reporting. i've resubmitted the package without that file. - Jun 03 2008
My bad (obviously)... that plugin shouldn't be there; it's only for local testing of the Lyriki plugin. sorry, i'll release a new version without it. - Jun 03 2008
well, neither WLv0.12.8 nor Amarok's Lyrc work for me, are you sure they are returning the lyrics from the web? (do they still work if you clear the lyrics cache?). - May 24 2008 site is down since yesterday, nothing I can do about that...
(the default lyrc script doesn't work either).
- May 23 2008
do you use an internet proxy? if so, can you tell me the configuration you're using? - May 22 2008
to run the script:
the configuration is saved in:
$HOME/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts-data/wikilyrics.xml - May 22 2008
you're running the wrong file. the correct entry is displayed as "Wiki-Lyrics", under the "Lyrics" category. - Apr 01 2008
oops... i rushed to fix a crash bug and completely forgot about this... sorry, i'll definitely do it for the next release. - Feb 26 2008
thanks for reporting, it's fixed in v0.12.8. - Feb 26 2008
i'm not having any problems uploading content but, in any case, the logging was much improved in the last version so if you're still having problems just send me the log and i'll have a look at it (it should be non empty now).
btw, i just now understand what you meant with the last question (i must've been asleep when i first read it...). it's not so much that it's supposed to be like that, it's just that i hadn't thought about submitting the lyrics already known to amarok... i'll do it for the next release (p.s.: if this is not what you're referring to, let me know). - Feb 22 2008
this should be working now. - Feb 22 2008

Audio Apps 84 comments

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Dec 12 2007
to make changes to profiles you first have to press the "save profile" button and then apply the configuration. judging by how many people are (initially) confused by this, i'm guessing this isn't very intuitive at all... (i'll try to make this behave in a more reasonable way for the next version)
- Apr 01 2008
don't count on it...
the plan is to port transkode to qt4/kde4 for the next release, but i don't know when that'll be. - Feb 28 2008
sorry, though i was correct about taglib plugins being added in 0.7beta (code taken from amarok), i've just reviewed the svn log and the plugins for m4a and wma were actually removed because they weren't working correctly. i'll see if i can bring them back. btw, can amarok read and/or write the metadata for those files? - Feb 05 2008
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Jul 28 2010
Ultimate Lyrics

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Aug 07 2009

Amarok 2.x Scripts
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Jan 21 2009

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Jan 21 2009
Marble - Desktop Globe

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Jan 21 2009

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