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Jorge Salgueiro
KMenu Icon for Debian

Icon Sub-Sets by yggdrasil 5 comments

give it a less straigth line reflex ;)

but its great work! - Nov 24 2004

Wallpaper Other by kairo 23 comments

Who created 9/11 was the politics that finance armed groups (like the USA financed Al Qaeda in the 80's to figth the URSS), or finance dictators (like hussein to gaseate the kurds with old good american gas.) A despot without money is as poor sun of a b*tch. And the list of dictactor "friend os USA" is so big (especially in Latin America) that it seems impossible to me to believe that:

1. The american people doesn't realize his guilty on half wars in the world

2. That they are a so call democracy

Should read Chomsky - Nov 15 2004

Wallpaper Other by kairo 23 comments

before i saw the wallpaper i thougth in the same word... who should be removed is not only bush but also the multinational evils who support death economy - Nov 15 2004
Advanced Permissions - konqueror

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by markuzzo 29 comments

That is a good problem to think about. I believe that the current permissions set-up it's pour user-friendly.

It should be great to know what folders are permited for user. like share folder of emule.

Just a sugestion... ;)

- Mar 10 2004
Thin Keramik

KDE 3.5 Themes by amaterasu 47 comments

On my sys (kde3.1 mandrake) the style appears on the looknfeel side by side with the sytle menu. In the sytle menu doesn't appears the thinkeramik so that i can choose it... and i would like a lot to choose it ;)

keep on the good work! - Feb 26 2004
CrystalMess SVG

Icon Sub-Sets by nunopinheiro 37 comments

Well Nuno, It looks great... But what is it? Only to help you improve, the shadow looks a little weird. But the reflex and inner shadows are amazing!!! - Feb 18 2004
Minimalist Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by Joedaism 15 comments

on my opinion, if the colors were chosen more carefully the icon set would be quite better. Try a combination of colors more simple and eficient.. and discrete..

but that only my opinion. ;) - Feb 17 2004
Dyntaskbar and System tray

Karamba & Superkaramba by nunopinheiro 24 comments

Well, it's one of the best design i seen so far, clear and clean. Also I like a lot the sysbar U have. Fix the problem with the icons, and it will be almost perfect far ;) - Feb 14 2004