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john armstrong
As far as i am aware i am using just pulse audio and it it working perfectly.

I am using UBUNTU 8.10 and gnome.

Thanks ianimal it is truly awesome.

i have even added this this to my startup scripts and it is flawless.

Thanks John - Mar 09 2009

GDM Themes by cimoc 36 comments

Would be apreciated as i have issues running the other versions - Feb 27 2009
thank you,

When the new features have been implemented would you be so kind as to send a pm as i would like to test this further.

I have around fifty work pc's and would like to install this on all for the eye candy appeal and it is a great talking point.

I would also like your permission to do so.

Regards John - Feb 22 2009
Thank you so much!

Out of curiosity can i change the color or you for that matter to light brown, would fit better to my theme - Feb 21 2009
loving it but my colour is grey!!!

Howw do i change it? - Feb 20 2009
Tux Pen

Wallpaper Other by vcspvt 3 comments

Love this paper

Would be nice to have an icon too - Feb 10 2009
Fire in the hole

Wallpaper Other by b1tch3r 3 comments

BTW it is a photo if you wondered and thanks - Jan 18 2009
Fire in the hole

Wallpaper Other by b1tch3r 3 comments

The latest Hydroxygen from this lovely site - Jan 18 2009
Intrepid Screenie

Gnome Screenshots by b1tch3r 2 comments

Thanks - Jan 17 2009