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Utilities by marcel83 130 comments

Oops, I was a little fast in replying to the latest update. Sorry about that. I should have read the changelog first.

Yes indeed, it works like a charm now when activating "Screen under cursor". Placement is correct on both screens. Thanks a lot for this fix! That really makes kosd one of my favorite little helper apps. - Aug 01 2008

Utilities by marcel83 130 comments

Thanks a lot for the fast reaction.

Now kosd 0.2.3 is being displayed (properly placed 50%-50%) on my primary screen. I am using twinview for dualhead display (graphic card: nVidia Quadro FX 570M). My primary screen has the 1280x1024 resolution. Before kosd was displayed on my secondary screen (the internal laptop screen with 1920x1400) with an odd placement. Thanks for the improvement.

Really cool would be if kosd is displayed on the screen depending on where the cursor is. If the cursor is on the secondary screen kosd should be displayed on the secondary screen and vice versa. What do you think? Is this possible? - Aug 01 2008

Utilities by marcel83 130 comments

Thanks for that last update. Have you been able to fix that dual screen (xinerama) placement issue yet? - Jul 30 2008

Various KDE Stuff by qsn2000 3 comments

Sorry for taking this long to reply. I am working as a project manager and it is always a good idea to have a stakeholder analysis at the beginning of a project. A tool which visualizes the different relationships of all stakeholders would be very helpful. (A good idea would be customizable fields and some sort of scales describing the type of relationship between two parties and/or the project.)

Besides this use case a visualization of the relationships between all project members could help the project leader seeing upcomming personal conflicts which tend to have a bad affect on the project and help him preventing those.

Otherwise a social network visualization might help social workers or psychiatrists. - Jul 01 2008

Various KDE Stuff by qsn2000 3 comments

I like the idea and have already tried two apps which visualize social relationships. Unfortunately either one of them isn't as flexible as I would need it to be.

ksociograma is gui-wise very intuitive, but too limited (meant for pupils). I really like the way it demonstrates the relationships from a single person's view. Unfortunately it is not actively developed anymore:

Social Networks Visualizer is not very intuitive and lacks what ksociograma and your app offer:

A combination of ksociograma, social network visualizer and qsocialnetwork would be cool. Why not join efforts and code? - Jun 18 2008
KPager2 for Kicker

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by lucher 176 comments

Kpager2 0.6.0b works under kde 3.5.9 ! - Jun 02 2008
KPager2 for Kicker

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by lucher 176 comments

Installing kpager2 was succesful using the 0.6.0b source file availabe somewhere here on Is there any chance for some more updates of this nice piece of software? There are still a few minor flaws like internationalization or the slightly misleading configuration dialog. I wouldn't mind translating kpager2 to German. Hope you will find some time to continue working on kpager2. - Jun 02 2008

Graphic Apps by irbis 34 comments

I had a MRT done of my shoulder just recently and kradview helped me being able to take a look at the scans under Linux. Thanks for making this possible.

I can only support the wishes of the preceding posts, having to open each single file manually is not exactly convenient. A file browser capability like gwenview has, would be great. Why not write an addon for gwenview instead of inventing the wheel again? It would really help going through all the scans (almost 160 in my case) in a short time.

Besides that I would like to have the taglist base being displayed automatically with the picture in the same window and not in an extra window, so I don't have to search for the right taglist base window after having opened several pictures.

Please fix your download link. I had to download kradview from a mirror to get a working package.

Keep up the good work :) - May 31 2008

Utilities by marcel83 130 comments

I must say you did a great job adding new functionality to kosd. I really like the way you added icon theme support and the Up/Down action icons.

An updated ebuild can be found here: - May 30 2008

Utilities by marcel83 130 comments

* Would be nice to have different icons for Volume Up and Volume Down (actually for any Up and Down alteration). Kal provides this by displaying a "+" or a "-" in the icon. Just check out the icons in the kal source package.

* Being able to add a OSD for user-defined events, for example: I am using a script to toggle the touchpad on/off. Now it would be nice if kosd could display the toggle events: "Touchpad disabled" and "Touchpad enabled" when the script is executed.

I hope my suggestions don't start to bug you ;-) I really do like the idea of kosd and have been looking for something like this for quite some time now. kal and kmilo are nice, but both have their limits. - May 28 2008

Chat & Messenging by burnie 15 comments

This plugin still works fine on kde 3.5.9 and kopete 0.12.7.

A gentoo ebuild can be found here:

I would love to see some more improvements to this:
* being able to configure when the light flashes, for example only when there is no chat window open (the kopete-ktts plugin offers something like this and more - this could prevent "light spam")
* read out the incoming text in morse code using the light (I would love to practice my morse code reading that way) - May 27 2008

Utilities by marcel83 130 comments

Grab a very primitive gentoo ebuild here:

Any improvement is welcome. - May 27 2008

Utilities by marcel83 130 comments

I was able to reproduce the above described problem with any menu being open; be it right click on desktop or just a regular drop down menu in an application window. No volume alterations via volume buttons are accepted and kosd probably therefore doesn't display anything.
I really wonder now if this is actually kosd related.

About this placement problem:
I use a resolution of 1920x1200 on my internal lcd and 1280x1024 on my external lcd. It seems like the kosd placement is limited to those 1280x1024 of the external lcd. When set to 100 % - 100% kosd shows up exactly where the bottom right corner of a 1280x1024 resolution would be on my internal lcd using 1920x1200. - May 27 2008

Utilities by marcel83 130 comments

I have kmilo and kosd running at the same time now and it seems to work. Kosd grabs and displays the volumechanges and kmilo grabs everything else on my ThinkPad T61p (ThinkVantage button, Fn + Space, Fn + PgUp for ThinkLight, Fn + Pos1/End for Brightness) like it did before without kosd.

Anyways I noticed a small problem with kosd. It doesn't react at all if a kicker menu is open. Just right-klick once on the kmix icon to have its kicker menu show up. Now try changing the volume while the kicker menu is shown. It doesn't do anything at all. I was able to reproduce this with any kicker menu being open.

* being able to alter the displayed text
* being able to alter the font of the displayed text
* being able to change the displayed icons via gui
* a preview button to check on the changes made to the appearance
* being able to alter the displayed box (edgy/round corners, frame thickness)
* being able to alter the steps by which the volume is increased or decreased (kmilo has something like this)

What I really enjoyed about kosd so far:
* configurability ;)
* it does look a lot nicer than kmilo - May 27 2008

Utilities by marcel83 130 comments

Kosd looks like a potential replacement for kmilo. Unfortunately it doesn't quite work for me on a ThinkPad T61p with gentoo. I have several problems and wishes:

- Dualscreen: kosd only shows up on one of the screens independent of the cursor (kmilo shows up on the screen with the cursor)

- Placement: Even though I set it to 50%-50% the kosd-box shows up more to the left of the screen (maybe due to dualscreen?)

- Brightness & Battery: I just don't know which files to use, because I have no files called "actual_brightness" and the like on my system

- Missing events: Kmilo is able to grab "ThinkVantage" button, "Fn + Space" (for zooming), "FN + PgUP" (for the Thinklight)

- Customization: Here kosd is really great in comparison to kmilo. I would love to be able to choose my own icons and to alter the displayed text, too.

- Internationalization: I am willing to translate all text into German

For some more inspiration check out kal:

Keep up the great work. ;) - May 26 2008

Utilities by tkbj 24 comments

Why not join efforts with the developer of ktranslator?

Ktranslator is pretty much the same kind of application and can be used with more different dictionary file formats. Have a look into it. - Feb 08 2008
KGtk (Use KDE Dialogs in Gtk Apps)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by CraigD 453 comments

Kgtk works fine for:
- dia

Doesn't work for:
- hugin - Dec 30 2007
KGtk (Use KDE Dialogs in Gtk Apps)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by CraigD 453 comments

Kgtk "seems" to work fine in combination with the following apps using kde 3.5.7 on my gentoo machine:
- firefox
- gtk-lshw
- kino
- opera
- qtpfsgui
- streamtuner
- gimp
- inkscape
- mixxx
- pdfedit
- scribus
- lyx

It didn't work properly for me in combination with:
- audacity
- vym
- gtk-recordMyDesktop
- xine
- audacious
- gnumeric
- cinepaint - Dec 21 2007

Network by CKulT 24 comments

How about also adding information gathered by nethogs ( like process ID, device, sent and received KB? That would really be a complete overview.

When I click on the tray icon once the "current connections" window pops up. It would be nice if I could click on the icon again and make the window disappear that way. Right now I have to move my mouse over to the window and click on the "close" button for it to disappear - just a minor inconvenience.

Otherwise I would not mind translating your app into German. - Dec 08 2007