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Karol Slanina Bratislava, Slovak Republic
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Mar 26 2013
You just need to install the package kdepim-dev. Then the compilation will work. - Feb 12 2013
Since version 1.0, Akonadi is a mandatory dependency and the old KABS interface is no longer supported. Do you have akonadi libraries and include files installed? - Feb 11 2013
Hello all,
I have now a new version (release candidate) that interfaces with Akonadi in a completely different way. Instead of asking for Akonadi items explicitly (and waiting for their retrieval), the new version uses an EntityTreeModel which is updated transparently by Akonadi itself. Everything works fine in my system (although I just use the Google resource and don't suffer from freezes in the current version either). When I get some more positive feedback I will release the new version publicly. - Jan 06 2013
Hello, I use the plasmoid without such issues on KDE 4.9.3 (Arch linux). Please write more details about your configuration and the steps to reproduce the problem. - Nov 12 2012
Windows decoration is Oxygen, but in its configuration, I checked "outline active window title" in "Fine tuning".
Widget style and color scheme is QtCurve. Font is Droid Sans. - Nov 16 2010
Good idea, thanks. I will add that option in the nearest version. - Oct 27 2010
The table minimum size was reduced to 10x10 pixels in the version 0.6.2. - Jun 30 2010
please enter the configuration dialog when your column width settings have been adjusted and then press OK. The column width settings will be remembered.
You can try if it works by restarting the whole plasma (in the konsole, enter the following commands:
kquitapp plasma-desktop
kstart plasma-desktop
- Jun 25 2010
Hi, you can resize columns by dragging the edge of the corresponding column header. If you later enter the configuration dialog and press OK, your column width settings will also be remembered and used from then on by default. - Mar 25 2010
The nameday definitions in the textfile for the particular language are not compared with the 'given name' field. This would be problematic, because there may be various variants of the name, or someone may have a less traditional name variant, which is not in the calendar but yet wants to celebrate a nameday on a particular day.

The way how this works is, that you have to create a special date field for the contact, where you will store his nameday. For instance, you can dedicate the anniversary field for this purpose, and then you can set the "Anniversary" field in the plasmoid configuration as your nameday field. If you want to use both namedays and anniversaries, you will have to create a custom date field for one of them. Creation of custom fields worked in KAddressBook 4.3 and below, unfortunately in KDE 4.4 you have to edit the std.vcf file manually. - Mar 10 2010
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by Zren

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May 26 2016

Plasma 4 Extensions
by fpuelz

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Mar 19 2010
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Mar 19 2010
Event Calendar

Plasma 5 Calendars
by Zren

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