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Branco Miguel , Spain
Kopete Shiny Emoticons

Emoticons by rowancompsciguy 4 comments

You are right. We must be constructive.

On the artistic side.

1. I like the shapes, the details of the faces but not the colour. I suppose the green was intended to be fluorescent-like but (and sorry to say this) it looks like a body fluid I won't name. Maybe it'd be better if you make the green more yellowy or darker.

2. Green against blue doesn't make the cut: they are similar colours and don't much.Change the background of the image and you will get more 'yes' votes.

I have seen better themes so I voted 'no'. That's a personal opinion.

On the philosophic side. I use KDE and I don't like at all Gnome and GTK+ apps. I've tried Pidgin, I've tried Ubuntu and all that and, though great apps, I feel like they are castrated all around. And that's Gnome HIG policy. I need more power in an app. And that's opinion, I encourage you to disagree.I won't blame anyone for using Pidgin, Gnome or Ubuntu. But I wasn't about this.

But If I come to I expect to found KDE related things or neutral things, not GTK+ or Gnome related stuff. If I want them I can always go (and I do from time to time). That's what I meant in my non polite reply 'long live to Kopete' because that It's what I expect to find here is Kopete, Kmess, Psi stuff and so. - Aug 23 2007
Kopete Shiny Emoticons

Emoticons by rowancompsciguy 4 comments

Long life to kopete.

(Post this in; It has not a lot of sense here) - Aug 22 2007
Galician Cow

Wallpaper Other by ysamu 4 comments


Manda carallo, paisanos por aquí!. Quedan ben as vaquiñas.
I0've just salutated my compatriots. - Aug 22 2007
Solar System

Wallpaper Other by vladstudio 2 comments

You may reconsider your wallpaper. Pluto is not considered a planet any more so if you include Pluto you have to include Ceres and Charon.

this is just a curiosity)) - Aug 05 2007
I just suppose your reply was not directed to me.]]

From my point of view, aMSN is crappy and too 'MSN Messenger-alike'. This theme is childish, too glossy, too gray and in general awful: not pleasant to my eyes (just like MSN products).

I can't stand this permanent obsession to copycat all M$ themes, and icons and software and everything and not just try to do something new or at least some 'remake'. That's why I post and vote 'no' and not simply let it pass away. - Aug 01 2007
It's so MSN like and so ugly and crappy I simply hate it. - Jul 29 2007
Cosmic Struggle for iPhone

Wallpaper Other by nayk92 3 comments

I'm not even religious but, sorry, I found this extremely offensive. - Jun 17 2007
Kpapers: idea looks for developers!

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by cbouveyron 25 comments

I'm gonna try jagref right now. Paper looks like very sophisticated and intuitive.

I believe that Linux should focus on the scientific community. There's plenty of app that could help genetics and molecular biology scientist and that would attract them (me included) to use linux platforms. Paper is the kind of software that definitely would do so. - May 25 2007
San Andres de Teixido

Wallpaper Other by danieldiazdelaiglesia 2 comments

Boas, son eu outra vez. I hadn't paid attention to that but you're a t Dygra!. Do you use Linux at Dygra?? or do you just use KDE at home?. - Feb 19 2007
Manda carallo! un galego por estes lares. Bo fondo!.

(I also live in Galicia, where the photo has been taken, so I'm just saying hello in my language) - Feb 16 2007
Kaffeine Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by uveuve 7 comments

haha, LOL - Oct 01 2006
Kaffeine Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by uveuve 7 comments

one vote for your Kaffeine from a biologist, :) ! - Sep 30 2006