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Daniel Bausch
Thank you for the quick reply. Your workaround works :-)

I'm just migrating to KDE4 and thanks to your style my desktop looks good as before. Oxygen looks too bulky for my taste.

-- barnie - Oct 12 2009
I'm using qtcurve-qt4-0.69.0 and my dolphin crashes when I hover over the icon in the breadcrumb line. The trace shows qtcurve at the top of the call stack. Dolphin crashes also, when I try to rearrange the entries in the places sidebar. KDE version is 4.3.1 on Gentoo.

-- barnie - Oct 12 2009
by the way: did you notice, that the setting "Color menubar items on mouse-over" doesn't get saved and therefore doesn't change anything anymore. It is actually always active.

--barnie - Aug 24 2009
I like it, as it is, currently ;-)
There will ever be a gap in the menu, especially if you have borders around the menu bar, like me. - Mar 18 2009
I like this border and also the slight white edge (when Bar=Gradient) on the inner side of the outline. Please keep the progressbars like they are. - Jul 18 2008
I've tested 0.54.1b, and it solves my eclipse problem (so far). But I must say, that I installed it a different way as usual. So far, I used the new berkano ebuild (I renamed it for 0.45.1a). But for 0.45.1b this ebuild didn't work (because the directory in your archive is named 0.45.1 instead of 0.45.1b), so I installed it manually. I tried it with and without the -DQTC_ADD_EVENT_FILTER=true, that is used in the ebuild. Both versions work. Seems, you got it.

-- barnie - Sep 27 2007
I get this from Eclipse with 0.54.1a (!)

*** glibc detected *** /usr/lib/eclipse-3.2/eclipse: double free or corruption (fasttop): 0x080850b8 ***
======= Backtrace: =========

======= (part of) Memory map: ========
b67a3000-b67ca000 r-xp 00000000 08:03 5980657 /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/engines/
b67ca000-b67cb000 rwxp 00026000 08:03 5980657 /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/engines/

The program doesn't crash at this point, but the splash screen never appears. I've seen sporadic crashs of eclipse with 0.54.0.

With 0.53 everything is fine. - Sep 27 2007
Hello again,
there is a bug with the popup menu color for Gtk in the new version. The area below the tear-off-line is always light as if "Lighter popup-menu background" was checked.
By the way: I'd like to say, that I don't like the new totally flat menu appearance. The old panel like appearance looked much better, while not using lightenend menus, what I'm doing. For the light menu the new flat look is ok, although it is demanding a turned on menu shadow.

-- barnie - Jun 19 2007
Hi Craig!

There are some inconsistencies in the placement of the arrows on buttons.
1. In Gtk the right and bottom Button of a scrollbar is different from KDE.
Actually 1px lower / more right.
(The left and top buttons are correct)
2. The arrow on SWT-Combos has a totally different placement as in KDE or normal Gtk. In KDE and normal Gtk the top line looks nearly vertically centered but in SWT the cone end looks vertically centered. I personally prefer the KDE/normal-Gtk variant although the dropdown arrows (the white ones) in Eclipse are all placed top aligned.

-- barnie - Jun 18 2007
Ok then.
Thanks for your effort.

-- barnie - May 25 2007
2 again: I get the KDE3 fonts in Qt4 apps. That's how I want it - I'm using KDE3. The problem is, that the menuitems in Qt4 are significantly taller than in Qt3 or Gtk2.

4. I've just discovered another problem.
It's because you do not draw all the lines around the toolbars anymore...
There are apps, that don't expand the last toolbars in the line to the right edge of the window. (I've found kile and lyx) In that case the toolbar just ends in the middle of the screen with no proper termination, i.e. border. That's not nice. It's also a problem with vertical toolbars. They often do not have a foreign border at the bottom, which would terminate the look. I would prefer if you just draw all the borders, like you did before. It also would look better when used with windecos, that draw no border around the inner window (the default Redmond deco for example, but there are other exapmles, that behave this way). The same goes for the menu border.

5. I find the border color around the flat KHTML line edit and memo edit to light (I mean the one in that I'm just typing this). I would prefer them to be the same color as the outer border of the KHTML check for example. If this one is dictated by the kde-look stylesheet, then excuse me.

-- barnie - May 25 2007
1. The menu mouseover doesn't work for Eclipse/SWT for QtCurve-0.50 anymore.

I thought, this worked...
Ok - it didn't work good for non-dropdown menu-items in the main menu bar, but hardly any app uses this.

2. The menu item and menu bar height of Qt4 is different from the others. It's higher for me. I assume the height is taken from the original font ("Arial" for me) and not from the KDE3 font (for me it's "Helvetica").
Strangely the "Arial" (with Plastique) is drawn slightly smaller than my "Helvetica" but the menu items have the same height.

3. Qt4 tree views.
Just start designer and look at its GUI.
3.1. The tree view lines are just corners an not a connected line
3.2. The font color on the button like seperators in the view is only a marginal amount darker than the button itself. The text is nearly unreadable.
With Plastique the text is black, what is good.

-- barnie - May 25 2007
It's ok. No need to hurry. - Apr 02 2007
Hi Craig,

I did long think, it was my eyes, but the color of the light border on progress bar is different between KDE and Gtk. I've looked in the code and found the difference.

In 0.48.3 it's line 1792 in qtcurve.c of Gtk. Please change from

GdkGC *lbGc=gcs[APPEARANCE_SHINY_GLASS==opts.appearance ? 0 : 1];


GdkGC *lbGc=gcs[APPEARANCE_DULL_GLASS==opts.appearance ? 1 : 0];

as it is in the KDE version, i.e. change SHINY to DULL and exchange the 1 and the 0. So we get the nice shiny border for everything except the DULL glass variant, where it indeed doesn't look good. (I've tested it.)

barnie - Apr 01 2007
All fixes seem to work as they should. Thank you very much! Now it's perfect for me. - Mar 19 2007
With redraw-miss I meant that 1 Pixel wide "garbage collection" line beside the scrollbars.

Thanks for your quick investigation. - Mar 16 2007
I think this is a rather new problem (I don't remember seen it before 0.47)

The ComboBoxes (drop down lists) in Eclipse are garbled. In square mode the upper and lower borders are missed completely. In rounded mode the arrow button is lower than the input field and the arrow is not drawn in center. - Mar 16 2007
Ok. Here I go:
There is a little redraw-miss in OpenOffice, so I don't know if you can do anything against it.

Besides the scrollbars there is ever 1 Pixel left, that is not painted, when exposed so there is garbage accumulating. - Mar 16 2007
You're right. I wanted to try black menus. With a dark gray it works.

I've tried this with "active window only" setting checked: The border of the menubar of an inactive window is drawn in that dark gray although the area is filled with button color. It should be drawn as usual with a shaded button color frame.

(Excuse me searching for bugs.)

barnie - Mar 16 2007
I've found another little problem, but that doesn't affect me, because I'm not using this feature.

The setting "Custom" for menu background gets automatically reverted to "Button" if I press Ok. It remembers the selected custom background color, but doesn't use it. If I get back to the setting it shows "Button" instead of "Custom". - Mar 16 2007
Thank you very much for the new/old features.

Small question: Is it intentional that the top line of the light border on progress is not drawn? It's a bit confusing.

And a little bug: The HTML-Checkboxes are not square, when in squared mode.
Buttons and edit boxes are.

Everything else is very nice.

barnie - Mar 16 2007
I see both. But that was never the point. - Mar 08 2007
What did they gave you?

I'm ashamed of your comment!

My posting was meant to be self-ironic and constructive, but yours is just a plain dumb rant. You could have said, that you reinforce my wishes instead and everything would be fine.

I have no deep insight in the code of QtCurve. My last quick peek showed me, that it was not optimally organized and I understand Craig's position fully, that it is important to clean this a bit up before even thinking about a Qt4 port.

Please let us be constructive.

If I had more free time I would offer help but ATM there is no chance. I would have to learn all the toolkits before I could do substatial work.
So my way of helping this project is just user input, what is maybe as important as real coding, because the maintainer can not know about the taste of the public.

Best wishes
barnie - Mar 08 2007
4. Look at my bug report some weeks ago where you added width>0 and height>0 to the gradient drawing.

It was:

I find that very nice looking.

5. Maybe because I'm a programmer and want so see my widgets. Maybe because I like borders. I can not really explain.

6. Ok, I've missed that. I had looked several times. Why did you call it "Windows-style-focus" and not after its function?

Keep up the good work.

Many thanks
barnie - Mar 08 2007
Many, many thanks. In fact I didn't expect such a positive feedback.

For completeness I'd like to state my other points, but these are of minor importance.

4. Light border on inner progress: This one was really nice - a good replacement for the former sunken style, which I had been using since removal. But only on progress. Not on button like widgets like scrollbars.
5. Borders around status bar elements: How should you realize an empty status bar widget without a border? Correct... You can not.
6. Dotted selection border: A solid border looks so... solid! This is just a matter of taste.


Don't be evil - Mar 08 2007
Hi Craig,

I like your effort towards at Qt4 variant, but cannot really understand, why you castrated that style, whos configurability has made it popular, so much.

The features I can not live without in descending priority:
1. Rectangular widgets: My hate against rounded widgets is so deep, that I'm really unable to use a rounded widget set and will downgrade ASAP.
2. Unstriped progress: The striped progress bars (espacially in the new version) are so distracting, that this is another good point not using it.
3. Lines in tree views: I know GTK can not draw them, but I think the usability plus is a stronger argument than total uniform look.

There are more options I'm missing but these above are my most important wishes to port them back to the new version.

- long time user of QtCurve since 0.22 - - Mar 08 2007
Maybe you have 0.46.4 only installed and maybe seeing that version number in kcontrol, but I can not believe this picture actually shows 0.46.4 in action. Please remove any QtCurve versions and reinstall AND restart KDE. Then try to reproduce. - Mar 05 2007
Be sure to use the newest version. The bug in the progress bar has been fixed recently.

The toolbar seperators should leave when selecting toolbar level "none".

-- barnie - Mar 04 2007
Thanks for fixing! - Feb 02 2007
vArrow=false - Jan 26 2007
Look at this. (Done with KDevelop Designer) - Jan 24 2007
I want to add some more info:
The effect occours NOT at zero percent, but only when the space between the light border is exactly one pixel wide. I've seen this on KDE in the copy-progress-window. Used version is 0.46.2. I cannot say, if this would happen on GTK+ at the moment.

-- barnie - Jan 23 2007

I'd like to report a little bug in the progressbar rendering. When the progress is very small (0-1%), the inner filling of the progressbar shows 100%. I'm using gradient progressbars with light border on progressbars. The light border is drawn correctly as vertical line.

-- barnie - Jan 23 2007
In the new 0.44 the toolbars of Eclipse have got borders around the buttons. They look same as the menu borders (if that helps). GIMP and Inkscape do not have them, so it's SWT specific.
The border sourrounds the adjacent buttons. Everery group of buttons (seperated by a separator) has its own border. - Oct 10 2006
Why did you remove the "sunken" style for progress and menu? I liked it very, very much. (Or did I misunderstood your changelog?) - Sep 05 2006

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