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Bruno Gardin Guyancourt, France
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by bege
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Apr 22 2013
Good news then.
The source is in fact in the plasmoid itself. This is just a zip file that contains all the sources and as i wrote before, nothing is compiled.
I think you can easily replace the images (you need obviously 2 images). They are placed in the /contents/ui directory. If you need to change the names as well, you will have to change them also in the qml files.
My images are in png format. I do not know what will happen with svg images.
Please let me know if you succeed to make it work.
Regards - May 15 2013
I am also running KDE 4.10.3 on FEDORA 18 32 bit. To install it, i used the 'add widget' tool and select the Switch.plasmoid file which is loaded locally.
May be you can try this: unzip the Switch.plasmoid, zip it again and reload.
It is pure qml code, nothing is compiled so there may be also a qt version problem. My version of qt is 4.8.4. - May 13 2013
This sound strange because i tried myself kate on the right and dolphin on the left with and without a /usr/bin path with no problem at all.
It should be due to an installation problem or access rights. Which version of KDE are you using ? - May 13 2013
I just moved to KDE 4.10 and there is no regression. - Mar 13 2013
You're right i have the same problem. I will just change the text of the config entries to put right/left instead of on/off. I want to keep the UI without text. - Mar 12 2013
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May 02 2009
Follow-up of my previous mail
Looking at the cpp code it appears that you using the qt interface for http interface (in a previous version it was KIO). This is the reason why the KDE proxy is not used. Do you have any plan to include the KDE proxy in a future version? BTW we are in KDE-look forum. - Mar 13 2009
Can you tell which telecom stack are you using because my the stock plasmoid works fine from home but not from my work where there is a proxy. I tried to change the proxy setting in KDE but without success although Conqueror works fine. - Mar 09 2009