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Al Bego

Wallpaper Other by BlueLinux 1 comment

But one suggestion for improvement:
Put a Vista logo on the snail and the picture achieves more significance! - Sep 25 2007
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Wallpaper Other by begman 2 comments

Hi caminoix,

glad to hear you find it ok.
I think the exposure is about 1/1000 of a second. I confirm all 3 engines worked well, as they usually do on that quality-plane :-)

Maybe I''ll post a Spitfire MK XIX picture soon too.

rds Bego - Sep 11 2007
Road to nowhere

Wallpaper Other by LordDoc 4 comments

Where is this picture taken ?
Let me guess... Near Zion national park ?

rds Bego - Aug 29 2007

Wallpaper Other by MarinkaV 3 comments

No, not (only) better. Now it's excellent !

:-) - Aug 13 2007

Wallpaper Other by MarinkaV 3 comments

but it is a bit overexposed.
A little bit more darkness would seriously improve this one.
Don't get me wrong: very nice ! - Aug 05 2007
I Supose 2

Wallpaper Other by milesofwork 2 comments

not too bad.... any higher resolution ?

- May 08 2007
winter on the brocken

Wallpaper Other by obelixx 3 comments

It is quite in the middle of Germany, roughly said.
- May 03 2007