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Nov 16 2014
I would love to see information about the number of tracks on the album and software versions added to the tagging. IE

eyeD3 -N #total_tracks --set-text-frame=TSSE:"Audex Version# / Encoder Version#" ...

lame --tn track/total --tc "Audex Version# / Lame Version#" ... - Jan 26 2011
0.74 beta 1 has not resolved the problem I am seeing. Even the compiling the latest code in SVN (revision 1215205) does not give me context menus on the blank cover of a failed lookup. - Jan 17 2011
After further investigation, it looks like I am seeing the same thing that is reported on page 11 "bug in fetching cd covers". Some CD's get covers and the context menu will appear. Other CD's will not get a cover and the context menu will not work. After failing to get a cover, no CD's will get covers or context menus.

I have straces, tcpdumps from wireshark, and /var/tmp/kdecache/http cache files from successful and failed runs. If they would be helpful, just let me know where you want them... - Jan 12 2011
I am not seeing the context menu when I right click the cover.

I am running ubuntu 10.10 with all updates.
Minimal KDE was installed from the kde-plasma-desktop meta-package. Version displays as:
kde-plasma-desktop/maverick uptodate 5:63ubuntu6

The other KDE packages show up as 4.5.1:
kdebase-bin/maverick uptodate 4:4.5.1-0ubuntu4

I have the same problem on audex 0.72b1 from the distro repo and 0.73b1 from

I have tried from both the Gnome and KDE desktops. - Jan 11 2011
It would be great to get a couple more options for adding covers. First a button to search for cover now. This would allow searching for the cover AFTER the disk information is edited when CDDB returns incorrect results.

Second an option to add covers from image files on the filesystem.

Thanks for the cool program! - Jan 11 2011

by marcomaniac

Score 80.5%
Jan 12 2011