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Ben Wilson Bangkok, United Kingdom
Dice cube

Compiz Themes by CrusadaX 6 comments

Who cares what viewport they're on? Who remembers which windows are in which viewport? Aren't we here to use a computer? can't you remember or don't you know what you are doing here?

View all windows by using the scale windows option to view all windows from all viewports and select the one you want. Is it complicated?

Enabling compiz wallpaper disables the desktop icons - because they can't be drawn on a transparent desktop.

Sucks, sorry. Try a nice Spring Summer Autum Winter theme if you want a feel of progression from 1-2-3-4 on your cube - then if the windows cover the spots, you won't be lost. - Nov 25 2008
Aqua Aero X Colors

Compiz Themes by Arika 3 comments

I think the Mac Window decorations suck. They were okay when introduced for Mac - we have our own, they have different functions and we are generally right handed and have menu's where they belong (in the window).

It's a sad copy - no improvement, and inferior to the original and the real copies on here!

Try out 'Sunday' theme, try out 'Moku' theme please, then start again.

Otherwise, just go buy a Mac and stop being sad. - Nov 25 2008
Linux Revolution

Beryl/Emerald Themes by DDD 6 comments

There's a really good 'XP Royale' theme, and a few Vista themes including window borders. I see no point in Flogging a dead horse!

I have very nice aluminium, and wooden themes - glassy themes are rather boring once you tried 'slickness' and 'caramel' - transparent emerald borders look tacky.

Try Moku, and Sunday out for size. - Nov 25 2008