Full Icon Themes by tiheum 30 comments

+ Easily the best battery icon on my panel. Great. - Mar 03 2019

Full Icon Themes by tiheum 596 comments

+Faenza is excellent - as is Faience (Faience has a better battery icon...) - Mar 03 2019

Cursors by buda 18 comments

Great stuff - search for 'dot-light' and 'dot-dark'. These are the only cursors that threaten my Comix collection... - Mar 03 2019
Bibata Extra

Cursors by Kaiz 25 comments

+Not a favourite for me, but it's definitely good and it works well. RIght now I'm a huge fan of the Comix and the Dot-dark (most interesting and original newcomer) - Mar 03 2019

Cursors by MurKit 23 comments

+PROS: Very original. Very useable. Very attractive. Added to rotation with Comix and Chameleon cursors. -CON: doesn't respond to custom sizing (Mouse and Touchpad setting). - Mar 03 2019
Hand of Evil

Cursors by Grief 13 comments

+ Utterly ridiculous, but quite well done and it works... nice to see some real variety that actually works. I'm still stuck going back to Comix and Chameleon cursors as the best overall. This one will stick around for fun though. - Mar 03 2019
BlueIllusion 2

Cursors by fnaax 4 comments

+Excellent visibility and function. This and Comix are my 2 best choices. - Mar 03 2019

GTK3 Themes by paulxfce 87 comments

-it's blue... - Jul 04 2018

GTK3 Themes by WernerFP 101 comments

+Not bad - after the 'Yltra' theme stopped working... - Jul 04 2018
Needs a new fix for Mint 19 - any chance?
- Jul 04 2018

Cursors by KuduK 9 comments

Great, but only dark - not good for a dark desktop.
- Mar 04 2018
Equilux Theme

GTK3 Themes by ddnexus 78 comments

Very nice - though I do find that Mint-Y-Yltra-Dark still has the edge (window borders more compact) I do like the lower contrast in this theme. - Jan 05 2018

Cairo Clock by facsavar 2 comments

Very nice - works well with more transparent background too (I like to superimpose on the background) with those lovely hands. - Jul 21 2015
Conky scripts

Conky by lyrae 30 comments

Have a go with audacious maybe:

${if_running audacious2}${goto 25}${font dejavu:bold:size=10}${goto 25}${scroll 12 ${exec audtool2 --current-song}}${alignr} ${color white}${exec audtool current-song-output-length}/${exec audtool current-song-length}${color }${goto 25}
${goto 23}${execbar expr 100 \* $(audtool --current-song-output-length-seconds) \/ $(audtool --current-song-length-seconds)}${else}
${goto 23}${color1}${hr}${color }
${goto 26}${font dejavu:bold:size=7}${execi 60 fortune -s | fold -w45}

If you close Audacious, then you'll get a fortune cookie instead. - Nov 15 2010
Conky scripts

Conky by lyrae 30 comments

mpd_host localhost
mpd_port 6600

Are you using MPD? If not then just comment out these lines in the script. If you are, then search to find out how to 'set up conky mpd'.

If you can't work it out, then delete those three lines and do it again. - Nov 15 2010
LCARS Slideshow

Wallpaper Other by thesisko 4 comments

Thanks - I appreciate the effort on your part. I'm sure you'll get a lot more hits now.

I realise I could have downloaded the files individually but it's normal to get a tar.gz file. - Aug 02 2010
LCARS Slideshow

Wallpaper Other by thesisko 4 comments

Sorry, the download link opens the listing page, it does not download the package. - Aug 02 2010
Vistar7 - Windows 7 Transformation Pack

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by rmtux1345 50 comments

Only available for torrent download?
Would it bug you if I made it available for millions of people and excluded you because I prefer a download method you can't use? - Apr 28 2010

Wallpaper Other by plmegalo 4 comments

I'm just pulling your plonker. I don't like it, but there's nothing wrong with it for people who do :) - Dec 30 2009

Various Gnome Stuff by LuxieRayku 7 comments

Windows Aero interface uses compositing which doesn't look the same as compiz compositing. Copies of Windows Aero themes look okay in screenshots, but on screen they look like very cheap copies - sorry. The same goes for many Apple themes - but most of these are solid and don't look too bad. - Dec 25 2009

Wallpaper Other by plmegalo 4 comments

They are warehouses, they have no windows. We open windows to view the warehouse on our gnome desktops in our browsers.

Very funny indeed - and a very ugly wallpaper. Might look good on a Microsoft desktop. - Dec 25 2009
Obsidian Cursors

Cursors by ECHM 34 comments

Well I'd agree it's large, though it's not a problem I'd like to be allowed to shrink it.

The other thing I'd like to be able to do is to install it as the default system cursor...

compiz creates errors, and sometimes the only way to get it to show is to do metacity --replace. It seems the cursors aren't loved by compiz!

can you advise how to set this so it works every time? - Dec 02 2009
Ultimate Karmic

System Sounds by johnnyg 17 comments

Instead of first opening a terminal, and then typing in a command, and then using the mouse to navigate - why not just do this?

To install: launch (Alt+F2)
gksu nautilus /usr/share/sounds

(If you use a terminal, then you would open a terminal and type 'sudo mv xxxx /usr/share/sounds').

Honestly, you look like you use Windows!! - Nov 26 2009
Keep starring at my wallpaper!

Wallpaper Other by linux4ever 3 comments

imagine a thousand black spots with no spaces. - Nov 25 2009
Keep starring at my wallpaper!

Wallpaper Other by linux4ever 3 comments

Sorry, I missed the point - it seems to be lacking any enigma or interest - a pointless, unfunny, and uninteresting paper.

Why not replace with the text 'black spots' - Nov 24 2009
Endless Gnome-Desktop

Gnome Screenshots by ottlux 2 comments

Interesting idea - but the download link does not download the paper - it opens a screenshot. - Nov 15 2009