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Benito van der Zander

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>has never really work on macosx.

if you submit a bug report, we can fix the issues you have there - Jan 09 2013

Text Editors by BeniBela 53 comments

>All that for one goal : nationalism.

I have absolutely no idea where the heck you got that idea from

>All the ideas are taken from the original soft... several years after the fork!

I actually see it the other way around:

We add inline spell checking => texmaker adds inline spell checking; we have code folding => texmaker adds code folding; we add placeholder in the completed text => texmaker adds placeholders; we add symbols for the current file and directory in the command line config => texmaker adds some; we allow different encodings in different open files => texmaker allows that; we add a grammar checker for the source in svn => texmaker adds a grammar checker for the pdf

>When texmaker use a special Qt style, texstudio uses the same one some months later;

That was when texstudio was still called texmakerx to be an "improved version" of texmaker, and I thought all changes were going to be merged upstreamed (contrary to be implemented independently in a more unflexible way)

>When a pdf viewer is added to texmaker, the texstudio developper add one too some months later

But we had the inline preview for paragraphs/equations first

>When the pdf viewer can be embedded in a same window in texmaker, the texstudio authors add excatly the same feature

I actually told people that changing it to an embeddable viewer is the only reason to have a viewer at all there, before texmaker made it embeddable.

And in any case LED had it before both of us.

>When a session manager is added to texmaker, this feature is, of course, added some months later to texstudio;

TeXstudio had an option to restore the last session months (years?) before texmaker had it.
- Jan 09 2013