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Aug 16 2009
Thanks for your support.
Sadly, i have no real plans except of occasional maintenance, or integrating contributor's help.
WikipediaDumpReader should work with any PyQt4 version from 4.1, including 4.5. If you meant "Webkit" version, i don't have any plans for that - at least until 4.5 is default in some LTS release. I take compatibility very seriously as a lot of my users are not bleeding-edge upgraders ;-) - Jul 26 2009
Hi again,
Wikipedia Dump Reader doesn't use any "KDE" features, only PyQt4. Therefore, it should work the same either on KDE 3, 4, or any non-KDE-based environment, as long as PyQt4 is installed.

Regarding future development, i don't have clear plans currently, as it already does what i intended it to do (+ i'm lazy).

Do you think some major feature is missing for a convenient use ? Maybe the suggested cleaning of non-reachable links should be on my todo list... - Aug 11 2008
Thanks for the report. I first need to get a fresher english dump to trigger the bug, hope to have time to fix it soon.
Regarding the python error, it's pretty safe to ignore it. If it bothers you, see included README on why it does and how to fix. - May 17 2008
Sorry for the delay. As I didn't have much time to work on it, i only did minor updates. I guess i may occasionally hack on it, but not very actively. I moved the (source) code to the launchpad code hosting for people who may be interested. - May 17 2008
Hi !
I just uploaded version 0.2.5, which ease fontsize changing. From the README:

Q. Can i change the text size ?
A. Font Size can now be changed, altough you will have to manually modify
the program : Edit the "" file, go to the line which says
"fontSize = 9" and change "9" to whatever point size fits you best.
This will only change the font size of the text area.

Note that i don't put any "preferences" dialog in the application itself, as i don't feel it's yet needed.
Regards, - May 17 2008
Hi Thanks
Regarding your suggestion, it would be great - but it's indeed not possible to do, because there is no way to "update" the already downloaded dump. The only way to get more up-to-date wikipedia data is to delete the old dump (including indexes files) and fully download a new one.
Therefore, it's pointless to do that automatically. On the other hand, i'll add a few lines in the README explaining exactly that, so the user is not confused when he wants fresher data. - Oct 15 2007
Hi, thanks for your support.
My immediate goal is to fix one obvious overflow bug on the version 0.2.2 index creation code. Adding basic Table support should follow soon.
After that, i don't have much plans yet. I may work on improving wiki rendering or getting faster/smarter indexing. Also implementing the above mentionned suggestions about the category management sounds interesting.
Of course, i glady accept suggestions/feedback, both on the features or the UI - Sep 23 2007
Hi !
Thanks for the comment
Those are interesting suggestion, i will have a look at it.

About 4., This is the intended behaviour, similar to "load tab in the background" in webbrowsers, which is a popular feature. You can get a direct-go behaviour by changing "self.loadTabInBackground = True" to False in the begining of
Maybe i'll add an option for that in the GUI if needed.

About 5. The updated program should works on both Python 2.4 and 2.5. If not, please tell me the error you get. Some python module is included, maybe compiling it (as opposed to using the included precompiled .so) can help. - Aug 30 2007