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Ben Opp , Austria
KWin Quick Tile Enhancements

Kwin Scripts 4 comments

Score 65.0%
Jun 14 2019
Could you explain what's the difference to stock KDE window snapping? I don't see a different behavior with this script activated to what it did before. - Mar 10 2020

Kwin Scripts 90 comments

by faho
Score 84.5%
Sep 28 2019
I have a problem updating from 1.6.1 to 1.6.3, namely KDe system settings wants to keep the old one. if I manually your script and import the file into system settings, it refuses to do so bcs there is a tiling script already. After I tried the update button, it still reports 1.6.1. Deinstalling and re-installing didn't help either. KDE just won't forget I ever installed the 1.6.1 version., and I forgot where I put the original file / don't know where KDE stored it by default - Jun 09 2014
Thanks! When you post a new version, will that update be pushed automatically to update on my machine, or do I get a notification, if you make changes to this page here?
Or do I just need to be on the lookout for the new version? - May 07 2014
sorry I meant M+Shift+F11. - May 07 2014
I tried the key combos you are giving here, but barely anything changes on the screen, e.g. M+F11 leaves everything exactly as it is. - May 07 2014
I really don't understand how this works. How can I toggle tiling, how to turn it off, is there a button, a key combo? Can I customize its behavior? All I see on the settings dialog are some names that mean nothing to me and apparently I can remove some of them - again I don't know to what effect. Help, please? I'm on ver. 1.6.1 in Kubuntu 14.04, KDE 4.13.0,
Thanks, Ben - May 06 2014

Full Icon Themes 1 comment

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May 06 2009
Mist comes as one of the pre-installed icon sets for Cinnamon in Linux Mint Debian Edition.
1. the Firefox icon is missing, and
2. the icon of the "show desktop" panel applet does not match the Mist file manager icons, but it's the one from Gnome Default icon set.
Do you still maintain this theme?
Thanks Ben - Nov 06 2013
Air (Gnome Shell 3.6 compatible)

Gnome Shell Themes 24 comments

Score 76.3%
Nov 03 2012
I' using your theme in Gnome 3.8 now. The look of this theme is just great, but depending on the background it is sometimes too transparent to read the dialogues from shell. I have this problem on both my machines with Gnome 8the other one is 3.6), one has a lighter and the other a dark wallpaper.
Maybe you could make just the fonts completely opaque, or is there a way to adjust the overall level of transparency? - May 12 2013

Gnome Shell Themes 9 comments

Score 75.5%
May 15 2013
It's not a matter of applications - the Gnome Shell message tray is what I meant, with the notifications in it: it comes up whenever you point the mouse at the bottom right corner. this is way wider than it's supposed to be.
I have a dropbox icon there and a removable media icon. Also some of the notifications in the are not functional, for instance I can't click anything in the removable drives area. I can send some screenshots if you like, just don't know where to upload them here... - Apr 02 2013
colors sets are amazing! I do indeed think are are too many dark themes - or rather, not enough lighter ones!
One problems tho:
pop-up margin of notificationa area is fat: twice the width of the default theme one. - Mar 30 2013