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Feb 21 2017
Looks really straight forward. Bun GL has some disadvantages: No proper multi-device support. This would make it very hard to render images using more that one device at once.
Using multiple devices can be very useful, when creating animations. So you can split the task of rendering 10k images over two ore more devices.
Both: Multi-device rendering and animation-creating are planned with the 1.2 - Jul 03 2016

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Jun 18 2013
Sry: I wont build in an adblocker because of 3 reasons:
1. Need of maintaince an adlist.
2. Free Internet-services costs something. So some needs to place ads to finance them.
3. Whats the point of an adblocker at all? I understand not liking flash-ads because of massive CPU usage. But normal image-ads are "just there". - Mar 22 2013
do you miss something in 1.14 (the current version)? - Mar 20 2013
No, it cannot share bookmarks. - Jan 27 2012
Seems to be a problem with Flash+ QtWebKit wich i cannot fix.
If you don't need Flash on all sites, you can disable Flash for all sites:
Open the Pluginamanger(LW2-Button top right->Plugin hosts) and uncheck the top checkbox.
You can still allow Flash for specific pages. - Jun 03 2011
Wich Version/Build to you use?
Wich Qt-Version and wich Operating system are you using.
I am asking because i don't have crashes on the given pages. - Jun 03 2011
1. It is shown only for a very short time. Not that dramatic. If i find time i can have a look into it. (But is a minor issue)

2. The previes are created, when the page is finished with loading. It creates a screenshot of the webview and uses it. To have it alway up to date would making LW2 slow.

3. Can you give a way to reproduce the problem?

4. It is on the buttom side, because the user should not distrubed by them. When having them on the top-side you will notice them more. That can be disturbing, when you are not interested in this information.

5. Its easy to do. - May 08 2011
I am currently busy with studies. So i don't have much time for working on LW2. So just be patient. - May 01 2011
Currently i have no plans to implement this. - Apr 16 2011
Sorry, it can't package it for all kinds of platforms.
But i can offer to add a download link. Just give me a URL where i can link it too. (This URL should not change with the versions, because your packages arrives some time after my and i don't want to make more updates than nessescary) - Apr 08 2011
Sorry. But thats not part of my project.
Perhaps you find someone else for this. - Apr 06 2011
On crash the bookmarks are untouched. They stay the same as when started. - Apr 06 2011
Bookmark import is only needed once. So including an import will not be included. Instead of it its possible to write an external program that can include external bookmarks to LW2. - Apr 06 2011
The bookmakrs are readed once when starting and written, on closing.
I don't see any possibility how they could get corrupted. Perhaps its an issue with your Filesystem? - Apr 06 2011
If you are interesetet in a hotfix:
in webview.cpp Line 32 and 38:
Change "this" to "parent". - Apr 04 2011
I know the problem, but currently i don't know any solution. (The progressbar will stay in the webarea as the link-hover-url) - Apr 04 2011
I see no reason for a download-blacklist. - Apr 02 2011
Ok. The crash seems to be a problem that is introduced with 4.7 - Apr 02 2011
What Qt version are you using?

I talked with an 4.6 user wich had no problems at all. - Apr 02 2011
I found a way to reproduce the problem:
1. Let LW2 ask for a download
2. Say "save to..."
3. Select / as directory (Do not accept jet)
4. Abort the dialog.

I am working on a fix.
Thx for finding it. - Apr 01 2011
The log says that you started a Download.
I tried both: no download and start download. In both cases i has no crash. I will look into the download code to hopefully see what could cause a crash. - Apr 01 2011
And i would need to whitebox the webkit mor than i did. So its unlikely that i will do it. - Mar 28 2011
Rightclick and "save image" already allows you to save an image. - Mar 28 2011
Sure that there is a reason, why it does not work for you. But since i can't confirm your problem, i can't do anyting - Mar 21 2011
Read the description of QtWEbkit so see where it Qt searches for the plugin.
I think: If Flash works in FF it works in LW2 also. - Mar 20 2011
1 and 2: I wont't look into the cache system. - Mar 20 2011
QWebSettings::globalSettings()->setAttribute(QWebSettings::PluginsEnabled, true);
in the main.cpp will enable plugin support (For Flash etc.).
Currently i am working on a whitelist system for plugins - Mar 20 2011
Will be fixed in 1.5 - Mar 16 2011
I can't confirm your problem.
I think this issue is one of the issues with Qt on OS/2 (Wich isn't supportet by Qt). - Mar 16 2011
2. I cant get the height of the scrollbar, or even a info if there is one at all. Since the progressbar is only there while loading, it's not that nasty.
Perhaps i can make it more "intelligent": When going to buttom-left the progressbar goes to button-right, ans vice versa.

3. 1.4 will have the hovered url in the webview integrated. It behaves as it discribed as a proposal for the progressbar. - Mar 15 2011
2. I cant get the height of the scrollbar, or even a info if there is one at all. Since the progressbar is only there while loading, it's not that nasty.
Perhaps i can make it more "intelligent": When going to buttom-left the progressbar goes to button-right, ans vice versa.

3. 1.4 will have the hovered url in the webview integrated. It behaves as it discribed as a proposal for the progressbar. - Mar 15 2011
1. The storage of theese data are:
Windows: Registry
Unix: Home/.config/
Mac: Uses XML preference files (dont know where they are stored)
For other OS i dont't know where they are stored (That actually the point of using QSettings: Easy access to config without thinking how it is donw)

Is the window always at the Top-Left of the screen, when starting it. Are bookmarks and cookies saved when closing?

Currently i think that QSettings on your OS doesn't store anything. In this case there is a problem on the Qt implementation on your OS.
Does other uses of QSettings work on your OS?

If even bookmarks and cookies are also not saved, then the closeEvent method is not called when closing: This can have several reasons:
1. Closing kills the app.
2. Qt on your OS does not call closeEvent by closing.
3. Methond binding problem (the C++ runtime find the wrong closeEvent). But i can't imangine that.

Sorry for that many questions. I am trying to find out whats wrong. - Mar 15 2011
The CacheLocation is there for the Cache. If it is problematic on your port-OS, you can easly change it.
So the vanillia code will stay at CacheLocation. - Mar 15 2011
Do you know where Qt saves the QSettings data on your OS?
If yes: Do you find configs saved by Lightweight2?
I think this problem is OS specific, so my only way to "fix" it, is to save theese data manually in an own file. - Mar 15 2011
I think your Problem with the icons was caused by using a non oxygen style, wich does dot have hoverfeedback on flat PushButtons.
I changed all Pushbuttons to Toolbuttons to solve that problem. 1.4 will have theeses changes. - Mar 15 2011
Disk Cache is enabled hard coded.
It is stored in QDesktopServices::storageLocation(QDesktopServices::CacheLocation) - Mar 15 2011
1.3 already saves if the window was in maximized state and restores it. - Mar 14 2011
Lightweight2 shortcuts:
Going back/forward: Alt+Left/Right

And comming
Go one tab left/right

So there is no conflict - Mar 14 2011
It will be in 1.3 - Mar 14 2011
Actually today i builded the ability.
In the current state you have to whitelist the domains that persits cookies in a file manually. - Mar 14 2011
Ctrl+E: good idea
1 and 2 : I think Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right are better
Ctril+B already opens bookmarkmanager. So i only need to add the ability in it.
I didn't mention it, but Ctrl+F4 closes the current tab (unless your system uses the yourcut for something else). Changin to Ctrl+W is no prob at all. - Mar 14 2011
The Favicon on this page works for me.
The reason why it does not work well for yo could be the problem with QWebSettings::iconForUrl() wich doies not give the wished icon, the first times. For bookmarking i had to use a workaround by saving the icons in an own folder. - Mar 14 2011
Cookies are not persistant. When you quit Lightewight2 all cookies are gone.41425797

I don't know, where how or even if QWebView uses a websitecache. - Mar 14 2011
Better icons are a good suggestion.
But: What is "better"?
So i am asking: "What is wrong with the current icons?" - Mar 13 2011
1: I will try to find a good way to support bookmark-folders
2: That would require some kind of configuration. I am looking for a better way
3: Would require configuration
4: for this i have to store passwords somewhere -> Not a good idea

3 and 4 does not fit in my concept contentrating on surfing. I dont want to have anything that bothers Lightweight2 itself. - Mar 08 2011
Capi City

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Aug 20 2013
Thanks for your reminder. I have uploaded a fixed version. - Aug 30 2011
Sorry for that. I thought i got the translation, but i did not.
If you really want it, i suggest you to contact brainvision. (He startet this comment thread) - Aug 30 2011

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Jan 27 2012
It look as we have the same approach: Making a small webbrowser.
My webbrowser:
(1.9 should come soon)

Things i have learned from your project:
- QWebInspector
- The private-browsing flag of QWebSettings

Things you can learn from mine:
- Reduce contentsMagins to reduce space wasting
- Write downloaded data to file during the download. Atm you cannnot download big files with WR.
- Blocking plugins (Actually i have learned it from Arora)
- SSL notification and error handling
- Bookmarksystem with folders (I think it would break compatiblity to your system. I had a simple bookmarksystem first too and i had to break compatiblity. I resolved by automatically importing the old ones)
- Disable currently useless nagivgate buttons
- Tab-previews (will be in LW2 1.9)

Remember: It is your project and you don't have to do all the listet things.
Perhaps we can combine our powers.
My approach: Create a small browser that gives a less technical informatin as possbile. It's ment to be usable by normal-people and also gives wished features for advanced users. - May 03 2011
Laser Brain

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Jun 11 2010
To fix a compile error on non Windows systems: in src/gui_widgets/SpinBoxDlg.cpp replace the first line with:

#include "SpinBoxDlg.h"

There are also many compiler warnings about unused variabales. You should either use Q_UNUSED(varName) [is not the best way] or rething the method parameters [better way].

Can be a challaging casual game. What is nedded for it:
- Build-in levels with limited items to be placed.
- Sperate Level-editor from game. Can still be build-in in the same execulable, but should be cleary sperated from the actual puzzle. - Apr 23 2011

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Mar 29 2011
RPMs for openSuse and Fedora 14 should be aviable here soon.
I have integrated your desktop file in the packages.
I plan to allow user-levels (The codebase is ready for them.) Just need to implement some crash-preventions and a user-level-menu. - Mar 29 2011