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Thomas Kamps Ramsdorf, Germany
Plasma 4 Extensions
Various Games

Browser 121 comments

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Jun 18 2013
I think it can be a good idea.
My knowlege about proxies are very low and i have no idea how to support costum procxy in the gui.

Perhaps you can build a proxy-support via a configuration-file. - Feb 28 2011
Good idea. - Feb 28 2011

Board 97 comments

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Jan 24 2013
I had a short look at the new Clock with the progressbar showing the rest-time.

I came to two ideas:

1. Do not show hours when the resttime is shorter than an hour

2. make progressbar filling from right to left. (can be easy made by progressbar->setInvertedAppearance(true)

Perhaps you can experiment with both suggestions. - Dec 16 2010
The "+" icon sugessts a copy action and this is wrong: we do not copy a figure.
Just to see the figure itself shows everything that the player needs. - Aug 26 2010
I found the reason why the AI does nothing:

File src/proto/xboardproto.cpp line 115

- else if (line.contains( "..." ))
+ else if (line.contains( "move" ))

should fix it (at least for me (GNU Chess

I also found some problems:
-- Start a game.
Game->start new->cancel. The current game runs, but the cloks are gone.
-- I have a small + icons when draggin a figure - Aug 26 2010
You can do it. - Aug 17 2010
I added a visual Clock that should replace the QTimeEdit.

It is just a first implementation. The graphics of the clock can be improved by editing the rendering code.

Here the src files i changed/added: - Aug 01 2010
Partition Assistant

Amarok 2.x Scripts 3 comments

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Jul 13 2010
1. It is not a KDE app.
2. It is not a Amarok script.
So admins: Please remove it. - Jul 13 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions 20 comments

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Nov 13 2011
It is your plasmoid. To whatever you like to do.

I made theese changes, because i do not have BAT1 (bu BAT0). So i made it more intelligent and shoe every battery. - Jul 02 2010
I made a small change, so it will show the current consumption for all batteries. One number for each battery.

You can fint the changes here: - Jul 02 2010
Desktop in Alt-Tab Switch

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 11 comments

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May 02 2010
Place the "Show Workpace" Plasmoid to a panel and set a shortcut for it.
Then you have almost bthe same. - May 03 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions 7 comments

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Jan 15 2010
If you know c++ a bit, you can remove the
KNetHotStuff stuff. So it will compile with 4.3 - Apr 01 2010
Sry: Forget to mention that the soruces needs KDE SC 4.4 to compile. - Apr 01 2010
Capi City

Board 20 comments

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Aug 20 2013
If you want you can join my project to be able to upload translations directly to the SVN trunk.
Otherwise i can mail you your ts file to be translated. - Mar 15 2010
I checked my links to the packages: All are fine. And since my official page (wich needs completation) is static the only way to modify something is via ftp access.

What you can do:
Translation (or checking it)
Better artwork (minor priority)
A Handbook
I possible: Make Mac OS packages.
Completation for the website
A new icon (Should look like now, but better)

I have made a SourceForge project for it: - Jan 20 2010
With 0.3 there will be a owerview of your properies like in Atlantik.

Actuallay there are shortcuts (Just not configurable):
Ctrl+R to Roll
Ctrl+B to buy
Ctrl+A to auction
Ctrl+E to end turn
Alt+R to roll in jail
Alt+C to use card in jail
Alt+P tp pay in jail - Jan 20 2010
Rightclick the menubar to get a menu where you can bring the closes panes back. - Jan 20 2010
Thx for the infoi. Should be fixed by now. - Dec 27 2009
Search for monopd
Unluckey it seems out of developemt atm.
But i want to integrate one for 1.0 - Oct 26 2009
I know that. But it still compiles fine.
I have fixed it already and in the next release the project file is ok.
I hope i can release it soon, because in Alpah1 is a crah, when joineing a game with it.
So if you want to play with it: Use Capitalism to create a game!
This crash is also fixed. :) - Oct 04 2009
Battery NG

Plasma 4 Extensions 9 comments

by Kame2
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Aug 27 2010
A small note: It does not compile with Qt 4.5. You'll need at least Qt 4.6 to compile. - Dec 30 2009

Board 15 comments

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Mar 03 2006
For all who want to see a Qt4 Client:
I have made one! Since it does not depend on KDE, it is not shown here.
Interested parties look here: - Nov 28 2009
Quickaccess for KDE 4.2

Plasma 4 Extensions 8 comments

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Jan 30 2009
The link works well. I have testet it now twice.

For compiling: As i said: You need to have the devel-pakage of libkonq installed to compile it. - Jan 30 2009
Please send suggestions to the real auhtor of qiuckaccess. I have only made a pakage, that work with kde4.2.
Itis only ment for those woh have 4.2 and cannot wait fo an official release for 4.2.

I tried to contacts the author with my package, but got no respone :(

Perhaps i ask the kde guys to pack quickaccess in the plasma package. - Jan 30 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 196 comments

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Aug 03 2008
You need to install the libkonq-devel package.

I just applyed the patch i found here and updated the CMakeLists.txt. - Jan 30 2009
Thanks for the note:

is correct. - Jan 22 2009
I have made a Package that can be compiled with KDE 4.2

Here it is - Jan 22 2009
Real Transparency for Katapult

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 21 comments

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Mar 26 2007
Do you use the set-plugin in Beryl/compiz?

when you set the opacity of katapult to 100% the background is transluent, but not the icons/texts :) - Mar 27 2007