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brad fuller

Audio Apps by ObsidianX 47 comments

I did as you suggested (I hope!) and the page came up blank. A line came up and I pasted the URL of the line (everything after "="):

[playlist] File1=http://killtivo/obsidianmusic/index.php?action=stream&sid=MTg7RWxldmVuOzExMzU2NjQzOTM%3D Title1=Jaco Pastorius - Eleven Length1=49 NumberOfEntries=1 Version=2

into the browser and it came up blank.

I pasted it into xmms and it didn't play anything.

Thanks for your help.
(I noticed one time on your earlier versions that only mp3's worked. Is that still true? I have vorbis files.) - Jan 10 2006

Audio Apps by ObsidianX 47 comments

I originally tried XMMS and after the pls was loaded it just sat there. I also just tried it on windows with iTunes. Same thing... it just sits. there.

SO, I'm probably doing something wrong on the server side. Just don't know what. Any ideas?

thanks for your help! - Jan 10 2006

Audio Apps by ObsidianX 47 comments

Thanks for the tip.
When I first setup amarok with it's wizard, I specified SQL database. And after started amarok, it worked just fine... so I thought all was cool.
I just now went into preferences and it stated that I was using Sqllite. Don't know how that occured, but I changed it to MySql and all is fine for showing the selections. (to test, I started from scratch and setup amarok the same way and again it defaulted to sqllite. Might be a bug.)

Now, I have another question. I assumed that if you clicked on a song, you'd have a stream. Instead I get a .pls. The config file says you can set this to .pls, m3u, etc.

I set it to .pls and on the client side set this to call amarok. But, all it says is "playlist has finished" when selecting a song.
I searched for docs, but couldn't find anything. What am I missing?

What application do people use on the client side?

thanks for your help. - Jan 10 2006

Audio Apps by ObsidianX 47 comments

but, as I reported before, I don't see a list of songs. The webpage comes up fine. And, amarok works fine by itself (I'm using mysql). But, no songs listed with this frontend. - Jan 08 2006
amaroK Web Frontend

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yep, I got the same thing. Amarok works using mysql, the amarok web page is there, but no contents.

I suppose it might be a permissions problem? - Dec 20 2005