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Lipik Sticky Notes Screenlet

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Dec 07 2010
Maybe you should try the latest version from:

It's version 0.15 there.

However, starting the screenlet from terminal and seeing what goes wrong is essential. Do you use the latest Screenlets built from source? AFAIK Fedora doesn't have it packaged. - Sep 12 2012
Oh and about resizing Lipik with mouse from corner --- this is a matter of Screenlets framework. No point of implementing that only in Lipik. However Screenlets probably won't see that feature, since it's not actively developed any more.

And about the moving thing --- have you tried to start dragging from edge (preferrably top edge, because it's widest of them)? - May 08 2012
Which version of Screenlets do you have and which desktop do you use? There were problems with that once, but I thought these were resolved. Do you use latest Screenlets from PPA? You should, anyway. - May 08 2012
Lipik config parameters are in ini files in subdirectories of /home/YourUserName/.config/screenlets/Lipik/ under variable name "note_text". - Jan 14 2012
Google Calendar Screenlet

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Nov 29 2010
Yes, I suggest you try ppa:screenlets-dev/ppa

You can find directions at

However I have not not tested Screenlets much on XFCE. - Jun 20 2012
If you run it from command line and get some error messages, we could maybe do something about it.

I suppose it is something like:

python /usr/share/screenlets/GoogleCalendar/ - Jun 19 2012
Are you using latest 0.1.7 of screenlets? - Jun 19 2012
There was a bit too crazy grepping algorith which didn't seem to work. I committed updated version to Dev PPA couple of seconds ago. See if it fixes the problem.

Btw, you can always select "Ignore dependencies" from each screenlet config, this should fix it anyway. - Feb 03 2012
What locale do you use? If you run screenlets with default locale like "LANG=C screenlets-daemon" does the bug appear?

I have the same versions on Ubuntu 11.10 and don't have the problem. However there are some calls to apt-cache and dpkg which are parsed from CLI, locale may affect the parser. These are in /usr/share/pyshared/screenlets/ If you want, you may try if adding LANG=C in front of those calls helps. I mean like "commandstr = 'LANG=C apt-cache ... - Dec 31 2011
Please confirm, that the message appears with latest Screenlets from Dev PPA. If so, pleast tell the exact versions you are using (screenlets and googlecalendar).

And I believe you can override the Debian version from screenlet options, so the message won't display. - Dec 31 2011
Did you try the version from I hope the problem is fixed there. - Dec 29 2011
Tried to fix it in GoogleCalendar 0.4.16 in indiv screenlets branch revision 1101 which should be available in Screenlets Dev PPA in next 24h. - Dec 26 2011
I don't know if that satisfies you, but you can choose which calendars to show on Google Calendar site itself. Doesn't this work? - Nov 23 2011
I added weekday formatting to the version 0.4.13. It is available at the Individual Screenlets Bazaar repository now and will become available on Screenlets PPA during next 24h. If you have installed your GoogleCalendar from PPA, you should get the option to set weekday format by a normal update soon (under DIY overkill, third field).

I'm afraid there are no instructions for the DIY overkill. It's meant for users who understand basics of text formatting with Pango (it's like HTML, but only using basic tags) and tabs and are willing to try things out themselves or take a look at the source code to figure things out. If you have a concrete question, maybe I'll have an answer for you... - Feb 28 2011
Since I have no way of knowing it myself, does the rest of Screenlets 0.1.3 development version seem to work fine on Natty? If it does, it would be meaningful to make a new source release for the purpose... - Dec 22 2010
From now on, Natty packages are automatically generated. Except there are no additional packages (like python-gdata etc) for Natty, only the Screenlets themselves. If somebody cares to generate also the dependencies for various Screenlets, I'd be happy to copy these to the PPA. - Dec 22 2010
Thank you for the patch! Although I haven't tested it with Natty yet (alpha doesn't run on my system for some reason), I added this seemingly harmless patch to, updated packages should be available on PPA in next 24h.

Everybody is welcome to implement this kind of straightforward patches at without any previous discussion. - Dec 20 2010
Hey, you can get the version with the updates you want from:

I didn't update the version here yet and I want to wait with that a bit.

If you want to replace notify lines, you should replace them with "pass" (without quotes), otherwise there will be syntax error I suppose.

Please, tell me how does the new version satisfy your needs. I also changed notification mechanism a bit, could you please give feedback also on this. - Nov 05 2010
If removing __notifier.notify lines from does not remove the notifications during the program session, then it totally beats me. - Oct 29 2010
"have not yet occurred are omitted"

Sorry, this should be "have already happend are displayed". - Oct 28 2010
How did you managed to get past the notify problem?

About 7 hrs it's getting complicated. Is you time only displayed 7 hrs later or the events that have not yet occurred are omitted? The best thing to do, is to run GCal from command line "python ~/.screenlets/GCal/" and see how are the events displayed in the terminal. You can post the relevant output here (example calendar info and events info).

In terminal all the events received from Google are displayed with the beginning and end time (in the format 2010-11-01T02:30:00.000+09:00). Also time zone is displayed "TZ: ..." You should check if the data displayed in the terminal is all right. Especially pay attention to time zone data (this +09:00 is time zone addition (compared to UTC) for Asia/Tokyo. If something of this is incorrect for your case, then we can think of what to do.

Just subtracting 7 hours somewhere may break something else. Are you sure locale settings for your computer are OK? If you want to play the displayed time in python source, then you have to change strStartTime and strEndTime somewhere after lines 824-825, but as time formatting is a troublemaker in python, I cannot give a simple recipe here. Probably you have to convert the string to datetime objects, then change them, then convert back to time objects, add custom formatting and then display...

Was this OK before upgrading to the version with the custom time format? - Oct 28 2010
Are you completely sure that you have the latest version installed correctly? Maybe you should remove completly and then reinstall. I have nothing of the problems you describe. GCal had problem with time zones in the beginning, but I managed to fix that. I'm not in UTC either and everything works out fine. I'm afrain I cannot help you much further with that.

If you are on Debian/Ubuntu, maybe it would be worth to check out, but I'm not sure it helps anything with that. However, it should at least remove the GNOME keyring problem if you for some reason haven't correctly applied the patch suggested somewhere above. - Oct 27 2010
That's strange, I haven't noticed this kind of behaviour and I couldn't reproduce the situation. Even the message I get for wrong username is "Invalid login, check username and password."

But if you want to get rid of the message, you can open ~/.screenlets/GCal/ on line 1046:

except Exception:
self.__notifier.notify("Invalid login, check username and password.")
return False

And remove the line which has the function for displaying this message. You can remove other notifications too, just search for "__notifier.notify".

Actually I had an issue with notifiers once, but then I carefully designed the notifying system not to be annoying. I cannot imagine, what is your situation. Do you have a good link to Internet? Does Google calendar on the Web generally work fine?

If everybody has the same problem, I can of course remove the notifier from the central package... So give me feedback! - Oct 26 2010

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May 03 2013
Don't know if you have considered adding your screenlets to official Ubuntu PPA/source code repository. - May 01 2012
Disk I/O Space Screenlet

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Jan 06 2012
I added your screenlet to indiv-screenlets (see for details). It should be available in PPA soon. - Jan 13 2012
Score 67.1%
Dec 26 2011
Just to let you know... Maybe you would care about adding it to Individual Screenlets project. - Dec 20 2011
NowPlaying (improved)

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Feb 27 2011

I filed a bug on Launchpad for NowPlaying. There is an issue with unspecified licenses in headers of source files and in order to maintain the NowPlaying in basic-pack, this must be corrected. Only you can do it, because only you know where did you take the snippets you are using. Do you have time to fix these formal issues?

For details, see: - Aug 19 2011
I 'gettexted' the Screenlet once more in revision, please update your local code before making changes, and if you have time, please see, if everything is fine after the changes. - Feb 25 2011
You can see how the NowPlaying screenlet was made translatable from previous revision on project: Although I think the row #113 with "# The Screenlet" should be removed, in order to make docstring translatable. Notice the _("String") patterns around UI strings (and not internally used strings). You should incorporate these to the .py files of your screenlet. By now ./ doesn't search *.py in project subdirectories, so I if that's needed I can modify the process (if you don't dare to do it yourself).

If you make your screenlet work with gettext in next few days, we can include the latest version in 0.1.3 of Screenlets. - Feb 21 2011
Thanks for joining, everything seems to be fine at the moment, so don't worry about it.

I answered to your two questions at individual screenlets mailing list: If you were not added to the list automatically, you can join at - Feb 21 2011
We are planning to add NowPlaying to default screenlets pack.

But it would be much more convenient for the project if you put your updates in Individual Screenlets Bazaar repository and keep it refreshed there. It is not useful to keep two sources, especially since we host translations on Launchpad now and we need to manually update gettext decorated translation strings in the code every time you make a new version.

So please, give it a thought! It gives you proper bug tracking etc. See also


ImportError: No module named pydcop

And I don't know, if you have noticed, but you can use __requires__ field for extra modules, if they are needed for basic functionality. See It currently works only under Debian/Ubuntu. - Feb 20 2011
Thank you, it seems to be all right now! - Jan 09 2011
Using Ubuntu 10.10/Rhythmbox with fresh version of Screenlets from PPA no albums, names etc are displayed by default. The play and next buttons sometimes work, sometimes don't.

I keep getting:

list index out of range
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 704, in get_info
if not self.check_for_cover_path():
File "", line 560, in check_for_cover_path
buff = self.cover_path.split('cache/')[0] + 'large/' + self.cover_path.split('@')[1]
IndexError: list index out of range

And also:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 479, in dbus_check_player
self.player.callback_fn = None
AttributeError: 'bool' object has no attribute 'callback_fn'

I added the screenlet to for proper bug reports etc on Launchpad. - Jan 01 2011
Net Monitor

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Apr 04 2012
You can translate it on (it's called netmonitor-screenlet), although it's not the latest version there. But you can always try to convince the developer of this screenlet to update the version on Launchpad (or do it yourself, if you fail to convince him). - Aug 19 2011
Laptop external display hotplugging

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Jun 25 2011
Do you suppose it also works on Ubuntu 11.04? - Jun 17 2011

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Apr 14 2011
I get lot of this kind of errors.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/screenlets/", line 2018, in expose
File "", line 1223, in on_draw
if self.getVariable( sensor ):
File "", line 1781, in getVariable
'free%' : str( 100-float( disk[4].replace( '%', '' ) ) ),
ValueError: invalid literal for float(): -

Shall I file a report also in Launchpad project? - May 06 2011
Added to:

If you have time, you can make it gettext compatible like that:

Screenlet should be available on Dev PPA in 24h. - Apr 27 2011
You have to install latest development version of screenlets, this should help. It's available on - Apr 25 2011
Instead of GitHub, how do you think about joining official Screenlets Bazaar project with your InfoPanel? You can read and give it a thought. I think your InfoPanel is a quality Screenlet, it would be much more easily available to users in the official PPA. Maybe it would be meaningful to switch to InfoPanel in the Basic Pack instead of Sysmonitor... I mean some time in the future, it's open to discussion. - Apr 21 2011
Lyrics screenlet

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Mar 30 2011
I added Lyrics screenlet to Basic Pack in Maybe you can add your updates into the individual screenlets project soon, so they will be part of Screenlets 0.1.4, which is planned to be released in a week or so. - Apr 21 2011
Maybe you would like to host code on official Screenlets project? Lyrics Screenlet is already added to the repository and it has been make translatable there (see If you join and update the code there, it will be automatically updated for users using the Screenlets PPA as well as other benefits (see - Apr 07 2011
Dropbox Screenlet

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Apr 19 2010
Whan user has space more than 2GB (bought or by referral) Dropbox screenlet ignores that. Is there an easy fix for that? - Jan 10 2011
ConkyCover Theme

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by Arder
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Dec 07 2010
I think usually widgets using this API are considered Screenlets:

I think you can even use Conky in a Screenlet, but they are still different frameworks. - Dec 07 2010
Isn't this in a wrong category? - Dec 07 2010

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Apr 04 2012
Well, just to let you know, since Universal Applets never got to a stable release, I took up the old Screenlets and added some parts from U-A and updated Screenlets a bit. The plan is to incorporate U-A step by step into the old Screenlets branch. There is no deadline though.

If you are member of U-A, then U-A is automatically a member of individual Screenlets.

I was just proposing that you can use the individual Screenlets branch for VCS of your projects, because it is published automatically on Screenlets PPA and gives possibility to translate individual Screenlets etc, but it's up to you of course. I do not plan to update your Screenlet at the repository myself, though. It's up to you as an original developer or whoever wishes to do it. - Dec 06 2010
Since an older version of WirelessScreenlet is already available on Screenlets PPA, maybe you would be interested in developing your code directly under the project

There is some documentation on this as well as connected topics at - Dec 05 2010
Feed Reader *Plus*

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Sep 09 2010
I don't know how much you hold an eye on Screenlets, but maybe you would be interested joining the project with your code. I suppose you should just continue the FeedReader in the project. No need to split into Plus.

There is some documentation on this as well as connected topics at

I think I don't need to mention that Screenlets Core needs some help too. By now looking through the bugtracker is the most important thing, I suppose. - Dec 05 2010
eventCal (iCal event calendar)

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Mar 01 2012
Maybe you would be interested joining the project with your code.

There is some documentation on this as well as connected topics at - Dec 05 2010
Impulse - PulseAudio visualizer

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Dec 12 2010
Maybe you would be interested in developing your code under the project Notice that Screenlets 0.1.3 has implemented the requirements check and with Debian package the dependencies would be installed automatically. This would make installing of the Screenlet as well as getting the updates a bit easier for the users. And if in the project, all the packaging would be done automatically by a script.

There is some documentation on this as well as connected topics at - Dec 05 2010
Netmon Screenlet

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by ashy
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Mar 20 2008
I was adjusting my Wifi router's antennas using input from this Screenlet. If there would be some ping latency indicator, I couldn't resist saying that its a perfect Screenlet. - Oct 29 2010
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Jun 18 2011
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Apr 07 2011
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Apr 07 2011
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Feb 20 2011

DockbarX Themes
by M7S

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Dec 20 2010
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Oct 29 2010
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Oct 29 2010
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Wallpaper Other
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Wallpaper Other
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