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Corrado Mella Perth, United Kingdom

Plasma Themes by nameless89 86 comments


I can't change the "notes" plasmoid background colour.

The plasmoid settings interface offer a number of colours (white, black, red, blue, green, yellow, etc...) but no matter what I choose, the widget background stays yellow.

Can it be a problem with the SVG file, its indexing or something else? Other themes change the widget background successfully.

Kubuntu Natty Narwhal (11.04) "stock", with KDE 4.6.2: theme downloaded via the "Get new themes" wizard, latest version.

Maybe the change to the notes plasmoid you made on May 04 2011 introduced a bug or a regression.

Can you please check it?

Cheers - Sep 15 2011
Aero Skin for KBFX

Kbfx Startmenu by Bodincus 4 comments

The theme is now hosted on this same site, no external (broken) links anymore.
Thanks for your patience. - Mar 16 2010
Aero Skin for KBFX

Kbfx Startmenu by Bodincus 4 comments

Yup, sorry... The hosting site b@rked up.
Fixing the link now, please try later in the day.
- Mar 16 2010
Crystal Diamond Icons

Full Icon Themes
by manowarlord

6 .4
9   Sep 16 2011
Crystal GT

Full Icon Themes
by everaldo

8 .2
9   Sep 16 2011

Full Icon Themes
by alecive

7 .8
9   Sep 16 2011

Full Icon Themes
by frag

7 .4
9   Sep 16 2011

Full Icon Themes
by snakebite

8 .1
9   Sep 15 2011

Plasma Color Schemes
by schollidesign

7 .7
9   Sep 15 2011