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SuperKaramba TuxBar with SMOOTH zoom

Karamba & Superkaramba by ageitgey 74 comments

Found some moveImage() that wasn't needed, I have commented them out.
Hope this can be read.

if (iconNum != currZoomedPic) or (reset == 1):
karamba.moveImage(widget, barimage, 60, 160)
karamba.moveImage(widget, barimageBig, 6, 62)

reset = 0
#karamba.moveImage(widget, images[currZoomedPic], (currZoomedPic*65)+35+60, 10)
karamba.moveImage(widget, imagesBig[currZoomedPic], (currZoomedPic*65)+35+60, 150)
if currZoomedPic != 0:
karamba.resizeImage(widget, imagesBig[currZoomedPic-1], 96, 96)
karamba.moveImage(widget, imagesBig[currZoomedPic-1], ((currZoomedPic-1)*65)+35+60, 150)
#karamba.moveImage(widget, images[currZoomedPic-1], ((currZoomedPic-1)*65)+35+60, 42)
if currZoomedPic != 7:
karamba.resizeImage(widget, imagesBig[currZoomedPic+1], 96, 96)
karamba.moveImage(widget, imagesBig[currZoomedPic+1], ((currZoomedPic+1)*65)+35+60, 150)
#karamba.moveImage(widget, images[currZoomedPic+1], ((currZoomedPic+1)*65)+35+60, 42) - Apr 22 2003

Karamba & Superkaramba by ageitgey 326 comments

A big thumb up to all involved in Karamba.

Suggestion: Make a alternative tuxbar that relies on cached images to handle the zoom.

High quality resized versions can be made with the convert -resize XxY.
(This should be a script that is run before you start the program for the first time)

I suppose this should help offload the cpu, but put some extra megs on the ram.
(I do not really know since I am unfamiliar with most drawing routines and have not made any profiling the program)

Summary: since the resize function is the slowest(?), replace it with offline preprocessing of images.

Maybe I will give this a shot myself if I find the time. - Apr 22 2003
SuperKaramba TuxBar with SMOOTH zoom

Karamba & Superkaramba by ageitgey 74 comments

. - Apr 20 2003

I have to say the same about you.
It is really nice to have a meaningful discussion on this subject( many arguments for this or that on the internet can be pretty dumb...counting my own :)

I may not agree with you either, but I will buy you a beer if I visit the US or if you visit Sweden.

Well here comes some more points.
There isn't really much thought behind them( I am recovering after a night with a tad much wine... :)

"On the point concerning your request for links about Al Quaeda's involvement in Iraq, I've only managed one story talked about today."

Well, the information is quite sparse and a bit fussy - "U.S.: *Possible* al-Qaeda base destroyed in Iraq"

But yeah, it can absolutely be true.
Though it do not have to absolutely condemn the Iraq regime - see my old point of no knowledge
(Rest assured that Saddams regime is quite bad though)

"Following 91, with Saddam still in place we were not comfortable with leaving Saudi undefended from invasion."

Iraq military have only weakened the last decade so the threat should have decreased.

But you are right that you do not really want your troops in Saudi, it poses quite a problem with your muslim relations.
Quite a good point after all.

North Korea - Yeah... I am also quite confident that this will be resolved diplomaticaly.
It just seems wrong that N.Korea is allowed to go unchecked when they are worse than Iraq on most of the points discussed.

"At each and every turn of events, Iraq had a reasonable means for preventing conflict. At each opportunity they neglected to take the mulititude of "last chances" offered up."

Let the weapon inspectors into the country again - Check

Started dismantling the missiles that was over the permited range - Check

Let spy planes fly over their territory
- Check

According to Hans Blix showing a "increased willingness to cooperation"
- Check

Make Saddam leave his post - EEEk

We shouldn't really have expected this one...

Thanks for giving your view on the situation, one can only become a better person by seeing more of the whole picture - Apr 18 2003
"Apparently the US military has been a wee bit occupied with little things like being shot at."

Yep, that is a good argument(really, I am not being sarcastic)
But since there should be some problems hiding the manafacturing plants and it is probably quite important for pr reason to find them.( I belive some will be found, but nothing extensive)

About North Korea, it seems that there was much less diplomacy involved in the Iraq affair. You tolerate about everything from N.Korea. They do not even accept weapon inspectors and make threats now and then.

"So far as the US is concerned, there's no oil in Iraq either. We've never purchased more than token amounts from them."

No, but you have a steadily increasing oil consumption that mostly will have to come from foreign sources.
There hasn't been really any oil sales from Iraq the last decade.
(Only the UN food for iol program)

"If you're looking for their biggest customer, try looking to see where France has been getting dirt cheap oil during these failed sanctions. If I were Chriac, I'd never want those sanctions to end either!"

Good argument, France do this mostly for their own gain. But that do not make me think they are wrong.

"If the United States wished to invade a nation to take their oil, we'd have sent troops to Venezuela years ago."

Then you would have to make up some reasons to do that. Awful lot of work on the pr people.
I am quite sure your goverment really would like to exchange the Chavez regime
for something.... more suiting.
Word is that there were some US involvement in the recent coup against him.(apparently several people involved in the coup happened to be at the US embassy at the time), this I have no source for, so ignore it :)

well Chavez isn't the really the best president a country can have but..

"As much as folks would like the world to be as simple as "war for oil", it just isn't the case."

No, you are quite right.
There is more reasons for the war, but I do not think it would have happened if there wasn't any oil in the mideast.

"A live base of operations, and troops on the ground fighting alongside them is a bit more than rumor."

Is it really? Sources?
I have not seen anything like that in media. CNN said that there was report of Al quaida personal on the ground, but nothing more was said after that - rumor.

And it is not that every country know what goes on everywhere on its soil.
Lets not forget that Iraq Is not really a rich country at the moment.

"These weapons a relatively easy to transport, difficult to detect, and can provide 6 to 7 figures worth of civilian casualties if deployed correctly"

6 to 7 figures??!
We are talking 100.000 to x.000.000?
Excuse me, but you are crazy....
Maybe if you stuffed the whole of new yorks population in the subway and used a nerve gas....

"Free of the Taliban thugs that strong armed their way to power there. Slowly working to rebuild what decades of war has inflicted upon their people and the infrastructure they live in.

Maybe free from Talibans, but not thugs.... President Karhzai only controls what he can se(Kabul) the rest is at the hand of warlords.
The drug production has started up again and the US presence is to small.
By the way.... thanks for helping the muhajedin to power in afghanistan

"The US, and other nations, are still in there to help support this effort so they too can join the community of nations as peaceful neighbors."

Join the community with Iran, Pakistan and China?
True that they haven't been that aggresive lately but...

"It's also yet another nation added to the growing list that owe their freedom and liberty to the price the US has paid in blood to give them."

Not that many on the list..
I give you South Korea and maybe Afghanistan.(+ the ones I forgot which I am sure you will remind me of :)
But lets not forget that it is often the civil population that has paid the highest price.

I wonder what crazy things I have written, I easily go on rants.

Take no offence, I only enjoy discussing.
Hope you do this for fun to. - Apr 16 2003
I shouldn't do this at kdelook..... but I cannot stand silent....

What weapons??!! You have occupied nearly the whole country and found squat( I am sure there was some weapon at a point, but nothing *really* dangerous)

If you had wanted support you should go after North Korea, they are much more of a danger. Problem is that they probably have
a small number of nuclear weapons + is in close proximity with China. Oh did I mention there is no oil there?

That Iraq would be in connection with for example Al Quiada is a completly unfounded rumor since even the cia(is that the right agency?) cannot present any evidence that is worth discussing.

Even if there is chemical weapon, is it a big deal?
History has shown us that people can be
killed quite easy with guns....

By the way, Afghanistan was liberated...
what is the status of that country now?

I do really support the toppling of Saddams regime, but it should not have happend this way.
You should hand over the control to the UN now. - Apr 16 2003
SlickBar for SuperKaramba

Karamba & Superkaramba by optikSmoke 282 comments


How did you get your media keys to work?
Any extra progs?
They do not show up in the normal kdekeybind progam.

Thanks - Apr 10 2003
File Manager + DE Usability

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by WinterWolf 35 comments

bump! - Jan 13 2003