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Wallpaper Other by bongo 33 comments

Most of the comments have been about its message, so that's how I've responded. The comments that have been about its shortcomings as a desktop I've listened to and reacted to. - Feb 12 2003
Not In My Name

Wallpaper Other by bongo 33 comments

I just lost my reply. :-X
Read the comments in 1024*748.
In a nutshell,don't take the Nazi symbol lightly, or try to ignore it. Remember carefully that Nazi fascism arose in a highly civilised and extremely well educated country. Half the Germans were pushing for socialism and abhored its insanity, but they were silenced by the spread of a culture of fear and paranoia. The motor for its growth and expansion was an enormous arms industry. BEWARNED - the Bush family derive its wealth from their Grandfather having armed and funded the Nazi regime - prior to and during WWII :

It is possible for a country to go collectively insane without realising it. The Germans are credited only with being particularly insane because of the genocide of the Jews - in other respects it was just another stab at empire building. In the last fifty years it is no understatement to say that the U.S. has commited slaughter on the scale of genocide, in the Far East (try over 2 million vietnamese for 50,000 American deaths), the Middle East (over quarter of a million deaths in just the few months of the 'war' against just 148 Americans [mostly killed by friendly fire]), and South America (where estimates get difficult due to the mode of conduct - supporting terrorist organisations and handing over lists of dissidents to U.S. installed dictators like Pinochet).

Given this U.S. governments attitudes towards the illegal occupation and continual, daily, slaughter and humiliation of the entire palestinian people I have a terrible fear that it is the Middle East and the rest of the world next. - Feb 12 2003
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Wallpaper Other by bongo 34 comments

Fundamentalists think they've found the one truth and generally like to impose it on everybody else.

Corrupt Christian fundamentalists are corrupt particularly in that they've forgotton the basic tenant of Christianity - to forgive - to live and let live. It has bred in the cess pool of fear - of the Russians, of the Blacks, of the Immigrants. It's offered rightiousness and absolute solutions where that's the worst possible option. It is the worst kind of aggressive racism - most people I know seem to think that Arabs are all barbaric nutters, this is a fantasy. If Bush isn't a fundamentalist then I'm scared - there are worse people out there? Maybe you've been reading his speeches and believing them. Look at the actions of the man, on the death-penalty, on abortion, on war and revenge. Lunatic. The power of the Christian fundamentalists IS strong because it is STRONG in the military. Of all the armies in the world the U.S. army has taken the philosophy of brainwashing to new heights (" to break down the liberal pussy with ;D ") instilling the most dangerous brand of "America is the greatest country on earth, the only free country, the only democratic country, we are surrounded by evil and violent people" which is total double-think. Try reading George Orwell - 1984 - to understand what "perpetual war" does to a people and then think about what the government's been saying recently.

As for treaty breaking and racism - take a look at the list of countries on the bottom half of the wallpaper. - Feb 12 2003
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Wallpaper Other by bongo 34 comments

I really, truly, don't want to turn this into a political thread, but I want to answer this.

Put simply, the war has never stopped. After Kuwait [when Bush1 had convinced the Kurds to rise up and rebel (AGAIN, remember iran-iraq) and the U.S. government shafted them for a second time by lifting the iraq-wide no-fly zone so Saddam could airlift troops and crush the rebellion] American began its twelve year siege. There has been non-stop bombing for over a decade! HEAVY bombing! At the same time the U.K./U.S. airforces regularly withdraw their patrols to allow the Turks to bomb the fuck out of the Kurds - this is all well documented stuff. Remember, we're going in there to liberate the Kurds! Bollox.

The reason the ground invasion is happening now is that Bush1's cabinet are back in power and there are plenty of scandals/widespread corruption to hide.

Personally, I think it would be a very bad idea for any country to hand over its WMD given the recent history of the U.S. to dominate and invade countries that can't adequately defend themselves - but that's besides the point. In reality the Iraqis are saying that they have nothing left after 12 years of constant bombardment and economic sanctions, the weapons inspectors are saying that they can't find anything significant, the U.S./U.K. dossiers are absolutely LAUGHABLE considering they've had 12 years to get evidence (in the U.K. case the dossier which Powell commended so highly at the U.N. was a cut-and-paste job from a twelve year old PhD thesis!!!), you can't make this shit up. Just because you're told they're a massive threat doesn't make it true, at all. It's like when Nixon had another go at pushing for an invasion of Cube and tried to get the Mexican president onside at a public rally. The Mexican president declined saying that "he wouldn't be responsible for the death of 40,000 mexicans who would die laughing".

All the hard shit they did have was U.S./U.K. supplied (which is why the permanent members of the security council refused to release the original Iraqi declaration until they had time to censor it for incriminating evidence). Donald Rumsfeld himself is publicly quoted endorsing the use of Chemical weapons against the Iranians (who had rebelled against the CIA installed Shah, don't forget - also don't forget that at the same time as arming Iraq PointDexter was also arming Iran in the bizarre hope that maybe they'd wipe each other out?!?!?).

At the same time Israel has more nukes than the U.K., biological and chemical weapons, a HUGE military industry, has invaded its neighbour's territory on many occasions, is illegally occupying the West Bank and the Gaza Strip after STARTING the '67 war, and has more U.N. resolutions against it (I believe, I'll have to check that) than any other country in the world. But America still supports it by between $3B - $10B a year as it is a very nice terrorist threat against those evil arabs.

Try to escape the "us and them" bubble of fear and hatred and take a look at things in a more objective light for just a second - based on the facts of the matter and the respective nations real history of violence.

(I mentioned the kurds at the beginning btw to point out that the 'murderous saddam' (who's killed a fuck of a lot less than the CIA and U.S. military have just this decade) has been suppressing a people who have been agitated and pushed to armed confrontation by the CIA before being abandoned twice. [Also worth mentioning that the Kurds were the first people in the world to be indiscriminately bombed from the air, by the British]. What steps do you think the U.S. would take if a foreign power convinced Utah to begin an armed insurgency? When you only have 10% of the facts people can paint any picture they like and it's difficult for you to see it as a forgery. Get yourself educated. - Feb 12 2003

Wallpaper Other by holme 23 comments

It's wallpaper isn't it. This is a site for "eyecandy for your kde-desktop". I think it's excellent. Not everybody likes the anodine meaningless postmodernism that most of the wallpapers here have in abundance.

Get over it. - Feb 12 2003
Not In My Name

Wallpaper Other by bongo 34 comments

Thanks for the comment Ian. First, I wouldn't say I'm upset by others remarks. I have only responded to them in order to correct what I believe are misunderstandings - and they are fairly inevitable given that nobody here knows me - so 80% of first impressions are shaped by social prejudices... and you can probably see where that's going so I won't bother saying it.

Reading back I see what you mean vis. "the american dynamic", but again, as George W. Bush has said "you misunderestimated me" :-D The 'american dynamic' is by its nature the ebbs, flow, thrusts, resurgences, and interplay of dominant forces within the whole of American cultural organization. Of course I do not 'know' or 'think' I am speaking the absolute truth (but then, you don't know me so how would you have known that :) , however, the large trends shaping American society are quite visible and accessible - there is a long history of debate and analysis regarding their nature - and of course the wider historical patterns of behaviour seen in the birth, growth, and demise of large nations/empires. Why do I have faith in certain viewpoints? Because I try to use a degree of rationality - namely, I pose a hypothetical truth and try to find evidence for and against. Responses that people give you are part of that process, they are assaults on a position. It is important to question reality, to build your own opinions - but it is equally important not to SET your opinions. I have just made a poster that says nothing remarkable to me and most of the people I know, but the fact that it has caused a bit of a stir is interesting. Why is it? - Feb 11 2003
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Wallpaper Other by bongo 34 comments

There are many ways to present the same information, this is one. As I have said at the top, the style of the artwork is deliberate. I'm sorry you don't like it, but then, that subjectivity for you.

I totally agree with your political sentiments, and yes, Americans should be above it... but again, the actions of America are not. Ask yourself why that is.

Good political forums? Your local pub. Some good books? "The New Rulers of the World" John Pilger [respectable]
"Rogue State" William Blum [not such a respectable writing style but well referenced and researched]
and perhaps "The Free World Colossus" by Horrowitz, although I doubt you'll be able to find it anywhere :(

Actually, a very good political website is and the British - Feb 11 2003
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Wallpaper Other by bongo 34 comments

I understand your concern, but when the administration refuse to listen to the U.N., its own people, the people of Europe, and the governments of Germany, France and Belgium - who all know and have lived through precisely the nightmare we are about to enter - what room is there for diplomacy.
Very few people understand the true nature of the American dynamic - how great the struggle has always been among those who wish for peace, democracy and genuine freedoms [such as the freedom from fear and intimidation], and those whose interests lie in dominion, mistruth and war.
These are not words against those elements of society, for they have no interest in listening - those who dream of empire are always aware of what they do but see nothing other than the glory. The words are for those who retain a shread of humanity, to expose the harsh reality against which we must struggle.

"Liberty has never come from government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it. The history of liberty is a history of resistance. The history of liberty is a history of limitations of governmental power, not the increase of it." Woodrow T. Wilson - 28th President of the U.S.

B - Feb 11 2003
Not In My Name

Wallpaper Other by bongo 34 comments

Your message contains three points, all of which I question.

1) FUNCTION : It really *is* a wallpaper. I happen to like political and topical wallpapers, and obviously so do many other people. Simple.

2) MESSAGE : I'm sorry that you find the wallpaper tacky, offensive, ridiculous, and incompetant... but in its defense (in reverse order) the three bars signify 'equivalence' (at least in most scientific symbolic ontologies). The symbols and their relationship (signifying the militaristic expansionism of Rome, the ubiquitous B52 which was [for example] was used by Nixon to illegally massacre over 300,000 Cambodian civilians in just a few weeks, and that of the Swastika - belonging to a nation that collectively lost its mind) have not been chosen without thought and care, their choice is the product of much research. The textual background is a tiny snippet culled from a fully referenced 16 page pamphlet which will soon be a short film. Any argument against the strength of the argument would be better directed against its hypotheses and evidence rather that that in the wallpaper - which is not a political document and thus is one in which the burden of proof is relatively insignificant (look up a few facts yourself, you'll find nothing there that isn't from solid sources).

AESTHETICS : It is deliberately stark. This is an artistic choice. Think of it as black spray paint on a banner. I don't pretend that I'm Leonardo Da Vinci, but I have made an effort to exercise my skills. Besides, the only true measure of whether this is the correct place for the wallpaper or not is the quantity of downloads it recieves. It has been well received generally.

Thanks for your comment though, I just hope you understand that I'm not being facile, simplistic, or provocative. These are very frightening time, and I am fearful for the loss of many more innocent lives - and the destruction of American democracy.

It is my opinion that the forces generating this dynamic, the true sources of terror, lie within our domain of action. We are all shrouded in ceaseless propaganda and 10% of the story, this wallpaper lets people bring a different angle into their ambient environment.



- Feb 11 2003
KWinAcqua_Mod SuSE 8 RPM

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by redmac5 9 comments

All I get when I click on the download link is a black screen.

I tried to install it from the source, but then I get an error from ./configure :

checking for extra libs... no
checking for libz... configure: error: not found. Check your installation and look into config.log

where in config.log we have

configure:4420: gcc -o conftest -O2 -I/opt/kde3/include conftest.c -lz -lresolv 1>&5
configure:4413:17: zlib.h: No such file or directory
configure: In function `main':
configure:4416: `ZLIB_VERSION' undeclared (first use in this function)
configure:4416: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
configure:4416: for each function it appears in.)
configure: failed program was:
#line 4411 "configure"
#include "confdefs.h"

Where the hell do I get zlib.h from?!?!?

I'm itching to get Acqua installed:

- Nov 09 2002