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markus schmidt , Germany
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Jan 07 2013
It's up and running again. Cheers! - Nov 24 2012
Thanks a lot for your appreciation! - Nov 21 2012
> I really would like to know what has happened to XPlanetFX

Unpaid bills, as simple as that. Server will be up again as soon as I have the money for it. - Nov 21 2012
oh... and thank you very much for your compliments .) - Feb 10 2012
Hey mystica,

you are free to do whatever you like with xplanetFX and its output. If you use themes with additional artwork from you have to respect the CC license. But - as you said - you drew your own background and use just the rendered earth so there shouldn't be any problem at all.

Cheers, markus. - Feb 10 2012
Hey erngab,

thank you very much for your estimation!

Cheers, markus. - Sep 18 2011
Damn - I've forgotten to mention your name in the changelog - done with the next version. - Jun 21 2011
Thats great, man!

I've just seen, processed and answered your comment on the xplanetFX page - thanks a lot for your investigations and especially the detailed reports, The 2.2.24 is your credit!

Cheers, markus. - Jun 21 2011
Hey Chris,

thank you very much for your estimation and especially for the report! I added the package names in YUM to the manual on the website. I also would like to add the gconf command to xplanetFX, please could you be a bit more detailed in your changes to /usr/bin/xplanetFX? Perhaps post the whole line you changed - because I need to know the correct and working command for Fedora to not break the things.

Thank you very much in advance, markus. - Jun 20 2011
Website is up and running again. - Jun 20 2011
Try installing the tar.gz from the website. - May 22 2011 - May 04 2011
Hey Paolo,

thanks again! Sorry but it's getting confusing for me. In the first post you talked about a displaced home folder, now you seem to have problems with /usr/share?

The substitutions from /home/$USER in the first update were in a location you should not have triggered so my confusion really started while working along your first suggestion.

Whatever - while trying to figure out what you meant I found a regular bug with paths that could possibly be your problem. It is uploading right now and hopefully fixes the problem.

No offence but perhaps it could be more effective to post error messages in the future. As I wrote in the description - support is better done in the blog, there's a short list of points that could possibly make this kind of conversation easier and more target-aiming.

Anyways - thank you very much for the bug report and your patience.

Greetings, markus. - Apr 19 2011

Thank you very much for your suggestion. I just uploaded a new version - it would be great if you could test if your problems are gone.

And thank you very much for your opinion about this software!

Cheers, markus. - Apr 18 2011

Font: Swiss 721
Theme: Dust

Cheers! - Apr 18 2011
Please have a look in the known issues section of the xplanetFX page: - Feb 14 2011
At least the information what doesn't work and the terminal output could help. - Feb 14 2011
Hey sedaTurca,

wow that's awesome dude! I would really appreciate that!

An easy way could be to copy the english (or whatever) language file to your desktop, edit it and the copy your version back to the right location.

The language files are located in /usr/share/xplanetFX/languages

To copy the english one to your Dektop simply execute the following command:

cp /usr/share/xplanetFX/languages/ ~/Desktop/

You can edit it with your favorite text editor, it belongs to your user after copying. If you're done with editing copy it back, this time with super user rights. Depending on your distribution it is something like:

sudo cp ~/Desktop/ /usr/share/xplanetFX/languages/

You can repeat the last two steps until you're satisfied with the result.

If the file is ready to go please post anywhere in the blog mentioned on top of this page with your email address (it isn't visible to the public) and I'll contact you afterwards.

Thanks a bunch in advance for your contribution! Kind regards, markus. - Feb 13 2011
*phew* great to hear that!

Greetings, markus. - Feb 08 2011
Wow damn...

please try installing (reinstalling) the packages mentioned above again:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall xplanet xplanet-images

Again: I'm really sorry for the problems. Greetings, markus. - Feb 07 2011
Thank you for you bug report. Please have a look at the next question and answer. - Feb 07 2011
Hey zniavre,

thank you very much for the report! A simple

dpkg --purge --force-all xplanetFX

should do the trick. 2.2.1 is uploading right now, hopefully it fixes the broken deb.

Sorry for the fuckup, markus. - Feb 07 2011
Hey acinic,

thank you very much! Sorry that I have just bad news about Jupiter :/ I explained the problems with showing other objects here a bit:

Greetings, markus. - Jan 31 2011
thanks for the report! Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this error, after installing via gdebi the windows shows something like "The same version is installed" after finishing installation and closing the progress window on my system. - Jan 18 2011
Nice to hear that, sorry for your harddisk and you're welcome. - Jan 16 2011
Please don't talk to me in the third person. I'm kind of "in the room".

> Uninstalled and reinstalled xplanetFX and got the lastest version,

Reinstalling shouldn't do the trick. Perhaps you should remove the hidden folder .xplanetFX in your home to start all over. Removing or reinstalling doesn't remove the user data of programs but there is kept what you have configured/downloaded/done.

> 1) ... 2)

Okay. We'll try it step by step. I'll give it numbers so you can depend on a line when it comes to problems.

1. open the user interface of xplanetFX
2. stop an eventually running instance of the daemon
3. close the user interface
4. remove the hidden folder .xplanetFX in your home
5. open the user interface of xplanetFX
6. go to the settings tab
7. set the target to your desired location
8. hit the button to fit your screen size
9. check if the output button shows "GNOME"
10. click on "save" afterwards (there should appear a "ready." in the statusbar after a short moment)
11. activate the daemon
12. close the user interface
13. wait
14. depending on your processor: wait more.

> I have a feeling that py-gtk is the issue

If that is true you shouldn't see the user interface at all. GTK is accountable for drawing window widgets and pygtk is just a binding of the functions to python. - Jan 15 2011
You're welcome. - Jan 15 2011

> that was also my thinking but thats NOT whats its doing

Then it seems you got your GTK broken. But this point is meaningless since you don't need that function at all.

> I don't think I am..... it was just the Backgrounds , which is run by? Not sure which Desktop program runs the background images??

You don't think.. what? Your Ubuntu desktop runs GNOME. I don't start explaining what a desktop environment is but you don't need that section: You don't need to fill out the output part and you don't need to fill out the script part. That's just for peopöle with an unknown d/e which is not what you are running. You are running GNOME, everything works out of the box when it comes to automatically setting the desktop wallpaper there. So please leave these both fields alone and empty.

Just set the button on output so that it shows GNOME. And save afterwards.

> its saving it in my "Backgrounds folder" and that I believe is the problem

You mean it saves the configuration file to a folder somewhere in your home folder (in this case your backgrounds folder, however he's called)? Or what do you mean with "it"? - Jan 15 2011

A non-offending question: have you ever read the manual in the blog as mentioned in the description? It eventually could make things a lot easier for you and me..

> when I go to "Save" a file in say" pictures".. it only gives me"open

It's a filechooser to state a file to save the renderings to. On top of the window there's a blank text entry to state a filename and in the file browser below a folder is chosen.

> Call a script after rendering"...huhh... what??

That's needed for users running a desktop environment other than Gnome, KDE <= 4.3, XFCE, Fluxbox, or FEH background tool, where everything works automatically. If you don't run one of those d/e's, choose a file to save to and call your favorite script/command to switch the desktop wallpaper afterwards. If you are running one of the supported d/e's you don't need to set a file and a script because xplanetFX will handle that for you. Just set the button so that it shows your d/e and the wallpaper change is done for you after each rendering.

> I have noticed when I click 'Save" in the 'Settings menu, the button just above "close"..its saves a snapshot in "backgrounds

No it just saves your settings to the configuration file and uses them on the next renderings. It doesn't create a new image.

As I said, please have a look at the website about this program, it clarifies a lot about the concept I think. - Jan 14 2011
1) enable the "orbit" setting (disables the "target" setting)
2) and 3) I don't see any difference. If the earth remains static, the sun rotates around it. Or you choose a fixed date then both are static.
4) you can't set it to "no desktop". The "output" button shows if a desktop environment was detected. Then you can toggle between your d/e and "file" which means that a single file gets rendered and saved to a location you set. Choosing your d/e should update the background automatically. "no d/e" means, that no known desktop environment could be detected so you only can use the file option. - Jan 14 2011
Oh and perhaps have a look @ the tools tab while rendering, in the logs you can see what position xplanetFX should render. Check if it fits your settings. - Jan 12 2011
It seems you have the date/time setting enabled? This one shows a specific date, not the actual one. Disable it to display your local time.

The color of the cursor only shows that a very northern or southern setting doesn't look that nice because you'll get a lot of the poles. Especially the clouds are looking a bit odd there since no weather satellite is able to take a look. If you put it to random it hits near the equator more often, the color just underlines it optically.

If you set a city to display fixed the earth cannot rotate ,) To see the earth rotating enable the "follow the suns orbit" and set an angle to the sun with the fader.

So I don't really see through your problems, it seems there's some misunderstanding going on. Perhaps showing the [Settings] section of your ~/.xplanetFX/xplanetFX.conf could bring some light to it. - Jan 12 2011
Hey Daktari,

which package, desktop environment and distribution are you using? - Jan 12 2011
Hey nerdykid,

thank you very much! Yeh KDE > 4.3 is a problem because they stripped dcop which was accountable for changing the wallpaper via command line. There's no other comparable feature by now so you have to deal with workarounds :/ sorry for that. - Jan 11 2011
Hey musashisakai,

good to hear you got it fixed. It sounds a bit odd that the deb didn't install its dependencies... anyway, thanks for the compliments! - Jan 10 2011
Hey! thank you a bunch for using it .) - Jan 10 2011
I built a repository server, get the infos about it on the blog. - Jan 09 2011
Hey echo0, thank you very much for your kind words, you're welcome! And thanks for the report about your distri! Greetings, markus. - Jan 08 2011
Thank you very much! Resources are only about zero while sleeping. The render cycle takes heavy load for some time. But since this happens only every half an hour it's okay with me. - Jan 07 2011
Themes as .deb doesn't work well in this concept and there is no PPA by now. - Jan 06 2011
I forgot to say that it wouldn't take stress from the server since the software itself isn't the problem. Gigabytes of themes and the thumbnails from the themepool are the bottleneck - a repo wouldn't help with this problem. - Jan 06 2011
Yes I have. But I didn't have had the time to dive in there by now, so it isn't planned in the near future. - Jan 06 2011
Hey! Try again please ,) just set up a content delivery net, let's see how it works. - Jan 05 2011
I would call xplanetFX on a 1.5GHz kind of ... fearless? ^^ - Jan 05 2011
You're welcome.

Some more points surfing through my head:

* use the GUI to set a size of the earth for your final template, place it where it should reside later and render it on the default template to a single image file in the tools tab. Open GIMP on the image. Extract the earth from the layer to have something to play with.

* The post effect will add some contrast and a slight "washed out" effect on top of the cake. Keep that in mind while adjusting your colours (some of my themes are a bit overdone..)

* positioning in the templates is done via percentual values. It's a bit quirky but way more flexible with different resolutions. Only integers are possible so you can't move the planet completely freely; at 1920x1200 only every 19.2x12 Pixel an "anchor" is found (use calculator).

Way more to say but that's better covered in a tutorial. - Jan 05 2011
To enable/disable xplanetFX temporarily place a starter somewhere with the following command:

xplanetFX --toggle

This will open a little xenity window asking for (re)starting or stoping xplanetFX. After stopping the background will stay as it is until xplanetFX gets started again. Think that's the easiest and fairest solution for saving cpu or battery temporarily. - Jan 04 2011
Hey! Very cool - nice to hear that .) Templates can be edited or created manually. There's no tutorial by now about how to do that so I'll give you some waypoints to work along:

* resolution should be 1920x1200, 16:10 is required
* remember that 4:3 gets cut on left and right side
* Templates consist of a background image the earth gets rendered on and an optional overlay image drawn on top of all the stuff
* main config (position/size of earth, images etc) is located in style.tpl
* xplanet-configs are lying under ./config, refer to, easier is to take a template that fits your idea best (moon on/off etc.) and start from there
* folder name is template name (no spaces - use "_" - and no special chars)
* styles need at least the style.tpl and an optional preview (PNG) named style.png @ 400x250

Just some hints to start fiddling around. - Jan 04 2011
Hey jeddycakes,

np, mine doesn't seem to have been any better. I'm not this reticent usually.

> I'm a Mars nut and would love to see that!

I've thought about a bit since. That doesn't mean _anything_ btw ,)

> I tipped...

They're sucking the freakin' shit out of the machine ^^ it was down for about an hour due to memory overkill and only a hit on the reset button brought it back to life again. I'm with him cherishing him gladly since .) But it doesn't matter at all - I thank you very very much for spreading the word!

> and keep up...

Released a new theme pack yesterday and working on the problem "100% CPU while downloading themes" besides.

Thank you and greetings, markus. - Jan 04 2011
Brother, think that's the point where a kartoffel starts getting red around the cheeks *^^* Thank. You. Very. Much.

> Thanks for fixing that.

Bir sey degil!

> Thanks for sharing your hard work with the rest of us!

I'll try it in short words - that's my point of view on one of mankind's major topics and how it could really co-operate with any sensible or observable object in its reachable environment in a sustainable way. A more down-to-earth version is available here: (btw. the related stuff of RSAnimate is quite mind-blowing, too)

Many thanks and may the force be with you .) ftw!!1 - Jan 01 2011

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Sep 05 2017
Hey tiheum,

first of all: great job! I added an SVG-icon for xplanetFX, if you like to implement it get it here:

Thanks for your time and work spent on this theme, it's one of the best around :) - Aug 10 2012
Drakfire Black

GTK2 Themes
by drakfire

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Nov 19 2010

Full Icon Themes
by tiheum

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9   Mar 25 2012