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Boris Geissler
AQUAHAZE (4 Resolutions)

Wallpaper Other by borisgeissler 9 comments

Now ... for everybody ...

who thought that the image was destroyed by "grafity" which was directed at a wrong place or something like that ...

It's updated and now there is no more wrong place where something can be!

-- the author -- - May 23 2002
iMMersion 3 all resolutions

Wallpaper Other by ASpirit 2 comments

Thank you for your comment (Linux ICE). I've made it better. - May 20 2002

Wallpaper Other by borisgeissler 4 comments

I will try to make it darker. Look out for it in about 2 hours. - May 12 2002
Aqua Bunny

Wallpaper Other by opjose 11 comments

This is my wallpaper you used for your background.
I don't know what you would think if somebody takes your wallpaper to use it for his tasks, but the only thing is that you could have asked for it.

I don't like this bunny anyway. - May 12 2002