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Bosselut Cyril Marseille, France
KWin drop shadow patches

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 58 comments

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Aug 02 2003
ok that's ok now.
Great work !!! ;) - Apr 16 2003
I don't what happening but on my system, drop shdows are invert.
tha patch was applied correctly and KDE 3.1.1a was build whitout errors.
Have you a solution? - Apr 15 2003
Karamba Linuxfr theme

Various Stuff 4 comments

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Apr 04 2003
I don't know where you see a special color sheme, there's no kde window opened on the screenshot.
But if you dislike Noia, it's not my fault... - Apr 09 2003

Screensavers 49 comments

by jisi
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Jun 02 2003
sorry but there's a little misfunction in your packages.
you have'nt correctly set some params of the rpm like rpm cat.
So you can download officials GPG signed packages on my site: - Dec 21 2002
there is 2 ways to set the data directory.
first you have data and seti client in the same dir, so you have to check the "same data and client dir" option and to set the correct path of the client eg:
else, don't check the option and set the two corrects paths. - Dec 20 2002
is out!
you can download the new version with KDE3 bugfixe on Sebastian's site and MDK9.0 rpms on my site. - Dec 16 2002
fresh 0.2.7 RPMS are on download on my site and they also include french traduction of the KSetiSaver control panel. - Apr 11 2002
i've made rpms for Mandrake 8.1
you can download it on my homepage : - Mar 12 2002
KDE is the future

Wallpapers KDE Plasma 2 comments

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Jun 26 2002
can you explain the reason of the negative scoring, so i will be able to do better?
THX. - Jun 21 2002
Games Icon Pack

Icon Sub-Sets 11 comments

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Aug 11 2002
There's no native support for those games, but they work very well with wine or winex, there is just little problem with menu but in game that's rulzzz. - May 04 2002
Keep the KDElook at work

KDE 2 Themes 29 comments

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Mar 11 2002
the thread before your question.
the download is on my site. - Apr 28 2002
big for kde-look, but you can donwload it on my site: in the DL section. - Apr 25 2002
is on download on my site - Apr 02 2002
it's normal, i have'nt put the skin on download, perhaps in a few days on my site.
it's not my creation, but just a modification of the yalo skin.
wait and look on my site, i'll put it in the week. - Mar 31 2002
;-) error 404 is the title of the page.
to find the donwload, you have to click on "
articles ant - Mar 30 2002
Pingus is my Lord ;-)
No it's just a popular citation of the game like:
Sir, yes sir!
Battlecruiser operational !
For Adum !
- Mar 11 2002
just click on the word "ici" in the text on the left of the shot. - Mar 06 2002
PROTECT DA MOULES !!! - Mar 05 2002
Right click on Xmms:
options -> skin navigator
and choose the skin in the list - Feb 22 2002
Nice Background [mdk-ed]

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

by Tom
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Apr 18 2002
is very pixelise, you have take a 16x16 icon to make it?
Please change it and make one star by yourself (or take a bigger star). - Apr 18 2002

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

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Apr 05 2002
For the globe position, there's enough place for 64x64 icons and on my desktop i've Gkrellm on the right side which is larger than 64px.
@+ BOSSoNe. - Mar 29 2002
K-metal II

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Jun 25 2003
Great wallpaper (better than with the lens flare)
but your spot and the drop shadow on the logo are invert so it's look bizarre. - Mar 11 2002
Change Your Desktop

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Mar 11 2002
just tag, but i also place my icons here, so i'm planning to move it. - Mar 11 2002
Young Jedi Theme - thanks Ayo73

KDE 2 Themes 25 comments

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Feb 24 2002 - Mar 10 2002
the soft is Mosfet High performance Liquid - Mar 10 2002
if you have correctly install liquid, go in the KDE control center and you have in L&F a translucent menu icon where you can chage the color. - Mar 01 2002
he shift, regarde bien les sreenshots, gkrellm n'est pas sur une taskbar, je peux le positionner ou je veux.
:-) @+ - Mar 01 2002
use the Gimp, skins are simple bitmaps zipped.
you can found skins in /usr/share/xmms/skins - Feb 25 2002
c' - Feb 24 2002
you can get it here: - Feb 21 2002
you can get the original at the Ayo73 site
but it's not a blue skin (i've modified mine) - Feb 21 2002
It is GKrellM (that's also works with kde) - Feb 21 2002
but i've found an error in font configuration, tahnks showing it to me. - Feb 20 2002
is activate - Feb 20 2002

by thomas12777

Score 82.7%
Dec 17 2009