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Yamaha Control

Plasma 5 Applets by Naraku

My widget looks nothing like the widget pictured. Firstly, there's no text. Secondly, I have 4 extra controls not shown: Two circles with unknown functions, and two that control the source input. Picking the input is more than the Web interface can do, but considering the lack of basic functions found in the Web interface, which itself is inadequate, I'm not sure this widget provides much utility. Somewhere there must be a function reference. I'd hate to have to put a sniffer on the wire to decode what's being sent to the receiver. I'll call Yamaha and see if they can provide any information. - Feb 25 2018
Uptime Widget

Plasma 5 Monitoring by clearmartin 9 comments

This is the uptme widget I use. The pie-slices are cool. It looks good, gives good info at a glance. It's about as good as it gets. - Feb 24 2018

Plasma 5 Applets by bundito 3 comments

This application doesn't work. Adding the widget to my Plasma desktop gives me a dark box with no text, graphics or information of any type displayed. Additionally, this individual's "record" of being up for a 1 day & 16 hours is unimpressive. I routinely run a week on my primary desktop without reboot and I use it heavily with all sorts of sketchy programs. KDE is great and will happily run and run and run. - Feb 24 2018
Uptime Widget

Plasma 5 Monitoring
by clearmartin

Feb 24 2018