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Moises Baca , Peru
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ArchLinux, A Kiss Distribution Wallpaper

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May 28 2010 - Oct 23 2010
Archlinux Start Buttons

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Mar 01 2008
Thanks for your comments, it's very nice you like the buttons. - Mar 05 2008
Customize Nautilus Toolbar

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Jul 29 2006
I'd add an option to replace File, Edit, View,... for just one Menu button so everything should fit in just one line. Some people (like me) can manage most of the time with the buttons without using the menus so I don't need that space 99% of the time. - Jul 29 2006

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Sep 07 2004
You can get them from here: - Jun 09 2006
Gentle Gnome mockup

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Jan 12 2006
I think the changer of the work areas looks nice with numbers but the way we have it now let us move applications from one area to other just by dragging and dropping but if we have just a number on it we won't be able to do it anymore.
There should be two options, the way we have it now and your way

Thanks - Jan 12 2006
Everybody loves your mockup, what can we do? how can we help to implement this? - Jan 12 2006
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9   Jun 14 2011