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Feb 27 2011
I'm quite lost in your theory but here's how the things are.

Cover grabbing depends on the player you use.
Some player APIs provide the path to the cover image to NowPlaying and so the cover is the same in both apps.
Some player APIs don't provide that path and so NowPlaying searches for cover image in the same folder as the audio file is located. In this case covers might be different.
There is also the possibility of not finding any cover image. Here's when the cover is looked up on the internet. Covers might be different in this case too. - Aug 28 2011
You won't see that too soon unless I have a working computer.. which I don't have. - Aug 23 2011
I can't update the package so if the following archive is fine please do update the screenlet: - Aug 23 2011
I don't think I'll be able to do this or any other improvement too soon. My laptop's video card is failing and I get ugly display problem. I can only boot with a live CD running in low graphics mode (still having plenty of graphic artifacts and enough errors at boot)
So until I can do something about that I'm stuck with mobile internet.
Sorry. - Apr 07 2011
You didn't have to do that.. You've lost so much time with this while I already had it done. Sorry for that.
Unfortunately during the last 3 days I didn't have an internet connection to upload the gettexted version which also includes a fix for the sleep fade feature.
I'll upload right now. - Feb 27 2011
Thanks for including me in the team.
Unfortunately I've screwed up the 833 revision as I was learning to use bzr but r834 should be fine now.. I hope that's not a big problem. Sorry for the inconvenient event.
Further on I'd like to know 2 things:
1. How are the translations generated
2. How is the project packed as deb. Automatically or do I have to do something about it to update it in the repository.
Thanks - Feb 21 2011
I'm afraid I couldn't do anything regarding this problem. I didn't manage to get the exact files that you have but I tested with another FLAC / CUE album and there was no cover issue.
Thanks for reporting the problem. I'll keep this in mind anyway. Maybe sometime in the future I'll manage to solve it - Feb 21 2011
The play button issue should be solved. As for the other problem with the buttons which didn't work at all.. I didn't encounter such problem.
Check out v. - Feb 21 2011
Although I have no experience with launchpad I'll go for it as it will be way more accessible. Thanks for this. I'll join the inidv-screenlets-dev team.
I'll check out your links as soon as the screenlets website is online. (maybe it's just me but right now I can't access the site)
And thanks for the ImportError tip. I must say this is my first time scripting in python and I didn't even read the screenlets documentation. So I still consider myself quite a beginner. - Feb 20 2011
Thanks for reporting the problem. I'll do some tests with banshee. - Feb 17 2011
Now I understand what you're saying.. I didn't even know that this FLAC + CUE thing exists. I have to get such thing to test it... - Feb 16 2011
Well, that's strange...
Could you post the path to the folder and the contents of it (exact names)?
I'd like to try and reproduce the situation and see if I can figure out the problem.
Also mention one or more players that worked.

As for the cue player.. I don't know any. I keep everything mp3. - Feb 16 2011
- added standard preferred cover names: cover, folder and front
- you can set a custom preferred cover name in options

Now I didn't really get what you ment by: "I changed the 'grep' to 'older\.jpg', and this way it works with 'Folder.jpg' and 'folder.jpg'."
If you mean searching case insensitive, well that's done already. If not please explain.

The next version which includes those things and some others will come sometime in the following 2 days. Still got some things to fix. - Feb 13 2011
Fixed the download link... Sorry about that. - Feb 12 2011
Fixed the download link... Sorry about that.
I'm working on something for which brings support for Jajuk, Juk, Muine and qmmp. I'll change the API's to search first for cover.* and front.* and fix the characters you mentioned.
Thanks. - Feb 12 2011
The problem should be fixed now :) Check out v. Thanks again for reporting the bug. - Feb 10 2011
Right.. I only play local files so I didn't test that. I'll try to fix it. Thank you for reporting the problem. - Feb 08 2011
Sorry for double posting but I have a bad internet connection and I thought the comment wasn't posted the first time.. - Jan 11 2011
You got lucky on this one. I actually did the fix before reading your comment. It was an MPRIS problem but it's fixed in v.
Thanks for reporting the problem. - Jan 11 2011
You got lucky on that one... I actually did this fix before reading your comment :) Check version
Thanks for reporting the problem. - Jan 11 2011
Thanks for reporting the issue... I've fixed the problem which it seems it was affecting all the players except amarok. It should work fine now. - Jan 09 2011
Thanks for reporting the problem... I'll check it out and try to fix it. - Jan 02 2011
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Jan 17 2011
That's strange..
Make sure there is a cover.png image in the skin folder and try running the through terminal (the script is located in the skin folder also). Maybe you'll notice an error there. - May 19 2011
You probably have an old NowPlaying version. I mentioned in the description that this theme is using a feature introduced in v0.3.3.3.
Download the latest version from this link: - May 19 2011
darkness theme: - Apr 03 2011
Darkness (rgba true) with breadcrumbs

GTK2 Themes 2 comments

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Jan 27 2011
The borders are not included because they're not part of the gtk theme. It's an emerald theme.

To get it to look like in my screenshot you need compiz with blur plugin activated, emerald, custom murrine engine build, the gtk theme and the rgba module of gtk installed.

You can find more details on how to get your linux look like this in the original theme page:
(there's also the link to the emerald theme)
- Jan 28 2011
Make Executable (Skip Executable Bit)

Nautilus Scripts 2 comments

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Dec 21 2010
It's a good ideea if you don't want to deactivate that check.
Here's a small script which I use and makes the wine launcher skip the executable bit check:

if [ "$(id -u)" != "0" ]; then printf "\n * You must run this script as root.\n\n"; exit 0; fi
echo '[Desktop Entry]
Name=Wine Windows Program Loader
Exec=wine start /unix %f
StartupNotify=true' > /tmp/wine.desktop
sudo cp --remove-destination /tmp/wine.desktop /usr/share/applications/wine.desktop
sudo rm -f /tmp/wine.desktop

Just put this in a file and run it as root. It should fix it. No need to call a script for each .exe you want to run. - Dec 23 2010
Image Mount (cue, iso, mds, ccd, nrg)

Nautilus Scripts 7 comments

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Aug 06 2010
Sorry but I didn't (and I won't) make any uninstaller.

First of all remove cdemu:
killall cdemud
sudo apt-get remove gcdemu cdemu-client
sudo apt-get autoremove

Next is the removal of the nautilus entry:

If it's installed as nautilus script:
rm -f ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/disc-mount

If it's installed as nautilus action:
Open nautilus actions from menu or write "nautilus-actions-config-tool" in terminal and remove the entry.

That should do it. - Nov 04 2010
As you might have seen already, the script can now be installed either as a nautilus-actions entry or as a normal nautilus script. If anyone has other ideas or problems with this feel free to comment here and help improve the script. - Aug 06 2010
i prefer nautilus-actions as it shows the mount option only for the supported file types and it's not in the scripts area (which for me is quite crowded) :) if you want it like that do as you wish - Aug 03 2010

Audio Apps 3 comments

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Dec 29 2010
when you first see it you can swear it's gnome-volume-control-applet... but it's way better.. - Sep 13 2010
Cooleech's Hash Checker improved

Nautilus Scripts 4 comments

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Aug 30 2010
:)) sorry.. - Aug 30 2010
Hash Checker 4.0.8

Nautilus Scripts 116 comments

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Aug 14 2017
I've done some modifications to your script to match my taste :) if you're not ok with it just say and i'll remove it from the site. Check it out:

You might want to implement the multiple files processing in a future version ;) - Aug 30 2010
TooBars plugin for Pidgin

Various Gnome Stuff 63 comments

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Aug 09 2011
solved now with this version :) kicked out mystatusbox, welcome toobars - Jul 10 2010
yes you did not:)) i'm talking about custom statuses - May 16 2010
it's fine until i reload pidgin.. the only thing i'd wanted is the per account status set (meaning as mystatusbox has so that you can acutally see it all the time) - May 16 2010
too bad it's not working fine with the mystatusbox plugin - May 15 2010
Glassified MacOS (left/right)

Beryl/Emerald Themes 13 comments

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Aug 15 2010
nice gtk theme - Jun 02 2010
Darkness RGBA, Modded by Rainbow

GTK2 Themes 4 comments

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May 20 2010
as suggested.. i have a question.. maybe a dumb one.. what's the difference? it looks the same so far... - May 20 2010

Beryl/Emerald Themes 8 comments

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May 16 2010
for now i'm happy with darkness.. i like dark themes as i usually stay late in the night and it's easier for my eyes to deal with the screen - May 16 2010
sorry.. i hurried and didn't see it's just an emerald theme.. i saw the screens and thought it has the gtk theme too - May 16 2010
Nice.. Another rgba theme.. The gtk2 themes start looking better and better.. Although it looks nice i'll still stick with darkness. Great job. - May 16 2010
Darkness gtk2 (rgba true)

GTK2 Themes 57 comments

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May 30 2010
thanks for the link.. the problem gets fixed like this (after following the upper tutorial):

1. download the source from the link you provided
2. replace line 46 with this one:
fprintf (stderr, "\nprogname=%s; RGBA=on\n",progname);
3. compile with the following command:
gcc -fPIC -shared librgba.c -o `pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+-2.0`
4. copy the resulted [] to:
5. reboot or restart gdm - May 11 2010
as it comes to the tutorial update: correct this line:
"apt-get source gtk2-murrine-engines"

as it's actually:
"apt-get source gtk2-engines-murrine"

And i also have a question.. Why is "progname=$var; RGBA=on" ($var is the actual program name) echoing each time a graphical application is started? Or how could I get rid of it because it's messing up the zenity return value and not only. - May 11 2010
You really did a good job with it. And the installation isn't so hard.. For a complete beginer it might seem, but with the tutorial it can be easily done... Anyway, this is the best looking gtk theme i've seen so far. It's exactly how I'd wanted it to look. - May 11 2010
I'm really glad you finished the theme.. I can't wait to try it :) - May 11 2010
Darkness theme for DockbarX

DockbarX Themes 10 comments

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Jun 01 2010
than i'll just wait 'till you finish it :) - May 05 2010
really nice.. so.. is there any chance to share your gtk/emerald theme? i really like it - May 05 2010
Ubuntu 10.04 Start script

Various Gnome Stuff 21 comments

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Jul 14 2010
just on time:)) i've just installed lucid - Apr 29 2010

by oddsocks1024

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Jan 27 2011

Wallpaper Other
by boomshop

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Jan 10 2011
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Dec 09 2010
Alarm Clock

by sabby7890

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Nov 04 2010
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Sep 23 2010

by wangbin

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Sep 13 2010

by zulu99

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Sep 12 2010
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Sep 12 2010
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Sep 12 2010

Audio Apps
by gen2brain

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Sep 12 2010

Nautilus Scripts
by Thura

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Aug 06 2010
TooBars plugin for Pidgin

Various Gnome Stuff
by VaYurik

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Jul 10 2010
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May 11 2010
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9   Dec 31 2013

Developers Apps
by ananas

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9   Oct 10 2010