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Michael Kutschall , Germany
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Aug 06 2017
Of course there is demand for a repo. Your program is one of the first things I install on a new KDE machine.
Now that there's a little itch, I wanna scratch!

However, taking backwards compatibility into consideration I did some Perl RTFM and came up with a little if clause that seems to do the job.

Keep in mind that I can't really write in Perl (more a PHP guy) so this solution might be a bit hacky:

# Fixed bug with qt5 applications not opening
# because they don't provide the kde-options like "--caption" any more
$TEST = system "$CPROGRAM --help-kde" ;
if ( $TEST eq 0 ) {
else {

See full script in
- Feb 24 2015
The problem is that kate since at least 14.12.1 (on Arch Linux) misses the kde options, including "--caption".
To workaround this issue I had to substitute


with just


Apparently you can't trust the kde-options being available any more.

By the way: Is there a repo where I could clone the script from?

- Feb 22 2015

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Mar 27 2012
While it's fun it's also hard work when you have no clue about drawing or creating icons or Gimp.

A lot of trial and error going on here ... - Mar 27 2012
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Sep 02 2012
WorkFlow Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions
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