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Andreas S Fairfield, United States of America
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Dolphin Service Menus 26 comments

by Hirs
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Dec 28 2013
Thank you for this little gem! - Nov 01 2007
Amarok Full Screen

Audioplayers 272 comments

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Mar 20 2007
you got to have qt3 incl. devel rpm installed.
Then in the folder where you unpacked amarokFS you run: /usr/lib/qt3/bin/qmake && make

And after the compilation is done, install as root: sudo make install. - Feb 06 2007

Amarok 1.x Scripts 274 comments

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Oct 20 2007
Thanks! Works like a charm again!

Keep up the good work, please. It is well appreciated. - Sep 07 2006
thanks for getting back to me so quickly. What fails is to try and add replaygain tags to any file(s).

No matter if it is in album mode, collection scan or anything else. The program doesn't give any feedback (the little status area in the bottom left of the amarok window stays empty). I tried to call aacgain from the console, and it works.

Here is a replaygain.log. I tried to add a replaygain-tag to the file /xtra/Music/Andreas/01-Revelation.mp3
dcop call time:0.0116561623507
Amarok engine:xine-engine
crossfade time:2.0
osd duration:5.0
replaygain config:{'no_peak': 'false', 'pregain': '+6', 'no_osd': 'false', 'smooth': 'true', 'gain_default': '-3.0', 'use_slider': 'false', 'mode': 'track', 'smooth_time': '0.5'}
Amarok signal:customMenuClicked: ReplayGain-Tags hinzufügen Zu ausgewählten Dateien im Titel-Modus file:///xtra/Music/Andreas/01-Revelation.mp3
----------------- - Sep 06 2006
amarok 1.4.3. Playing the mp3-files is ok, but I can't process any new files :(.After downgrading to an older pre-1.4.2 version I pulled from svn some weeks ago it works fine.

I hope you can fix it, as amarok-replaygain is one of the amarok skripts I find really usefull. - Sep 06 2006

Audio Extractors/Converters 608 comments

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Oct 01 2017
Thank you! it compiles fine now.

Happy Easter!
Andreas - Apr 16 2006
I'm getting a compile error on Suse 10.1Beta9 (gcc-4.1.0 installed):

convert.cpp: In member function ‘void Convert::encode()’:
convert.cpp:218: error: unknown escape sequence: '\040'
convert.cpp:219: error: unknown escape sequence: '\040'
convert.cpp:220: error: unknown escape sequence: '\040'
convert.cpp:221: error: unknown escape sequence: '\040'
convert.cpp:224: error: unknown escape sequence: '\040'

Any idea how I can fix it? - Apr 15 2006