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Nick Caruso

Qt Widgets by un-defined 33 comments

"While compiling a project with included qtermwidget.h I get following error:

qtermwidget/lib/kpty.cpp:231:3: Fehler: #error No method to open a PTY master detected.

What is going wrong?"

Re: No method to open a PTY master
by un-defined on: Mar 21 2009

to defines (depending on your system pseuduterminal parameters), as in .pro file."

I am receiving the same error while compiling QTermWidget 0.1 for an ARM Cortex-A8 (Freescale Semiconductor i.MX51 SoC, specifically Digi ConnectCore Wi-i.MX51). In the QTermWidget project that includes qtermwidget.h I get following error in qtermwidget/lib/kpty.cpp, line 236:

"qtermwidget/lib/kpty.cpp:236:3: error: #error No method to open a PTY master detected."

I tried to add HAVE_POSIX_OPENPT and/or HAVE_GETPT
to Defines to the file but I still had the same error. Does anybody know how the correct Defines? Are there other options to try? Where would I find the system pseudo terminal parameters?

- Jan 10 2013