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Vlastimil Babka

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Sep 12 2006
Yeah that helped a lot, now it's playing instantly. Thanks. - Sep 12 2006
No change... I think such flags don't matter much for this tiny program :) Delay must be caused by xine initialisation or something... Tried also manually from command line, different -ao parameters, teh same. - Jun 23 2006
Response is not so great here. If I try, say KDE_Glass_Break.ogg to play in System Notifications panel with the preview button, picoxine takes almost 1 second before it plays. The "play" command from sox package is instant, mplayer lags a bit but it's nothing compared to picoxine :( Trying wav sounds from K3B, k3b_error1.wav lags as much, and won't finish, it's cut in middle. k3b_wait_media1.wav doesn't play at all. What's the problem? Got xine-lib 1.1.2_pre20060328-r9. - Jun 22 2006