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Giorgio C , Italy
CpuFreq Tray

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Oct 18 2007
Very nice application, thank you!!! When I moved to kde 4, I missed something similar to Gnome CPU Frequency applet and now I can have it!!!

I also tightly customized it for my 1.7 GHz Pentium 4M processor with a look similar to its Gnome counterpart, mainly only two icons (for low/high freq) and the ActionGroup for all the choices; I added the Conservative governor and setuid to /usr/bin/cpufreq-* executables too. So, for now, I DON'T RECOMMEND as it is for general usage, as its governors/frequencies are hardwired inside and not taken from /sys filesystem, but if somebody wants to have a look, it can be found in

Maybe sometimes in the future I will have some spare time to write down a more general version, it could be a good chance to improve my knowledge on qt4...

regards - Aug 04 2008
You can eventually setuid the cpufreq-set and cpufreq-info programs, leaving the CpuFreqTray application at user level.

This advice I found some time ago for cpufreq-selector for Gnome in Ubuntu when gnome cpu freq scaling applet didn't work correctly.

But again (as you) I don't know how to automatically do this via Makefile.

regards - Aug 04 2008