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Philip Abernethy
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Yosemite Shell

Gnome Shell Themes 44 comments

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Aug 13 2017
3.14, as stated on github. - Nov 05 2014
Sadly the top bar still shadows to the side, which looks just weird. Also I still don't have window controls for nautilus, evince and all other applications using the bigger window frames.
I left you according comments on the github issues.
Which brings me to my last point: Please push the update to github, too.
Thanks for your awesome work. - Nov 05 2014
Dropped you some issues on the github page. Hope you can help. - Oct 23 2014
Ok, the header bar not working with dark wallpapers seems to be my own fault. Somehow I managed to get a gradient from dark grey to white in there... - Oct 21 2014
The theme looks really awesome.
A few things though:
I'd love to be able to toggle transparency for the top bar. Currently it doesn't go well with dark backgrounds.
Currently I have no window controls in windows with big title bar (e.g. Nautilus). The space for the element is allocated, but it's not displayed. - Oct 21 2014
Yosemite Shell

Gnome Shell Themes
by Chathuranga Bw

Score 80.6%
9   Oct 21 2014