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Fred Blaise
Serenity w/ Faces GDM

GDM Themes by SepheeBear 7 comments


Very nice indeed. Nicely commented XML file too.
However, without changing anything, and with the login photos provided with ubuntu, the names of the user gets offscreen, and even with only 2 users, you need to scroll down. Maybe it'd be good to make it a bit larger? - Dec 17 2005
HOW-TO install

Cursors by jev 15 comments

I could make the icon work from my home directory. Here is how I did (Slackware 9.1 - dropline)

- Untar the icon theme in ~/.icons/default directory.
- cp -R the cursors directory located in the newly created folder to the ~/.icons/default directory.
- Change the index.theme inherits to the name of your new theme.
- Restart X

chapeaurouge - Aug 11 2004