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by Sho
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Mar 28 2018
How can I make yakuake read my .bashrc? It is read, when opening a Konsole, but not by yakuake. Is there some setting I can't find? Or is it simply impossible to make yakuake read a .bashrc? Cheers, Till - Oct 25 2005

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Aug 11 2015
There is a DNS issue (see Try the IP address: Cheers - Sep 23 2005
Free Disk Space Applet

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May 20 2005
Great! That's something I always waited for. But I also think, that the applet occupies a lot of space in the taskbar. Maybe add something like a "compact display" feature? I'm using a 1280x1024 resolution and it really eats up a lot of desktop space. - Apr 26 2005