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Tom Cross
WorldMap Blue/Orange/Red/Green/Purple

Wallpaper Other by rubasu 26 comments

Looks Perfect on my macbook! Thanks for the wallpaper and for your work! - May 30 2008
Crunchy Branch

Wallpaper Other by bitblitter 15 comments

I use this wall on my macbook and it makes it look so smooth. I dont usually get comments on my wallpaper but I got one so now im forwarding it to you!

Thanks for letting me use it so my desktop isnt boring. - Mar 27 2008
Light Room

Wallpaper Other by siwy78 9 comments

amazing affect on some monitors / tvs. voted good too. makes deskop look a little bigger which is what i go for usually. - Mar 27 2008

GTK2 Themes by Hadret 5 comments

What is that status bar on top called? If you just tell me what it is called i should be able to figure out how to install it. Thanks! - Nov 27 2007
Morning Flower

Nature by likepotato 3 comments

I love this clear photo. When i saw it i said, "wow" and that was it! Thanks for the nice wall - Aug 09 2007
Outside the box

Wallpaper Other by leomanfredini 2 comments

I love this; this will be my wallpaper for a while for sure! Tanks for your work and keep up the neat ideas. "Creativity is everything." - Jun 10 2007
Blue Grass

Wallpaper Other by ThinkPader 4 comments

I like how the lighting is bright but not exuberant. I like how it adds fullness to a desktop! good job at making a neutral background. thaks for sharing your work with me :) - May 23 2007