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Chris Coulson , United Kingdom
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Full Icon Themes by Tweenk 7 comments

This icon set is just as good as ever!

I found a few icons which don't work though, and they're all related to removable media (in scalable/devices). I've added in a few sym-links to fix, and these are:

ln -s gnome-dev-harddisk-1394.svg drive-harddisk-ieee1394.svg

ln -s gnome-dev-harddisk-usb.svg drive-harddisk-usb.svg

ln -s gnome-dev-removable-1394.svg drive-removable-media-ieee1394.svg

ln -s gnome-dev-removable-usb.svg drive-removable-media-usb.svg

ln -s gnome-dev-cdrom-audio.svg media-optical-audio.svg

ln -s gnome-dev-disc-cdr.svg media-optical-cd-r.svg

ln -s gnome-dev-disc-cdrw.svg media-optical-cd-rw.svg

ln -s gnome-dev-disc-dvdr.svg media-optical-dvd-r.svg

ln -s gnome-dev-disc-dvdrw media-optical-dvd-rw.svg

ln -s gnome-dev-dvd.svg media-optical-dvd.svg - May 26 2008
Gartoon Redux

Full Icon Themes by Tweenk 94 comments

These icons are great. There are a couple of icons that don't work now in GNOME 2.22 though (on Ubuntu Hardy). These are:

config-date (is now time-admin)

updates-notifier (is now software-update-available)

Adding in some symlinks fixes the broken icons. - Apr 13 2008