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chris hergert
ugly olive

Wallpaper Other by chrish01 3 comments

Yeah, i know...i just didn't like the look of the ' in that font, so i just left it out. If anyone wants it though, ill put it in. - Jun 15 2003
Matrix Reloaded

Wallpaper Other by jfv 4 comments

I think it would only be appropriate for there to be more of Agent Smith. Or am I wrong? - May 28 2003
peace pigeon

Icon Sub-Sets by emumania 17 comments

wow, someone else who listens to kvi...and i thought i was one of the few republicans here =) - Mar 04 2003
gentoo box

Wallpaper Other by LucaMartinetti 7 comments

Makes me proud to be a gentoo guy. As for the color question, why dont you just hue/saturate the images above? im sure you'll get it with some practice ;p

chris - Feb 07 2003