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Arturo Mann , Mexico
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CpuFreq Tray

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Oct 18 2007
Updated C++ distro. - Oct 18 2007
I'm adding this to the distro. Nice work Sebastien. :) Thanks. :) - Oct 14 2007
Ok. Sorry, I'll put this up on the description, check it out! ^^
- Oct 12 2007

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Score 58.0%
Sep 12 2006
0.0.7 is out, it should help, since it will init faster.

Furthermore, it may just be your Xine setup. I use my Xine with prelink and it helps greatly. - Sep 12 2006
I am going to point the finger to your XINElib, yes.
I would suggest using -o3 -fomit-frame-pointer and -ffast-math for your Xine lib.
I actually compile with those plus
-ftree-vectorize, -mfpmath=sse,387 and -march=opteron, so I am not entierly sure what what may work for you... - Jun 25 2006
I am not entierly sure. Allow me to go back to source code. Maybe I can optimise even more. Please change -O2 to -O3 in your and add -fomit-frame-pointer. - Jun 22 2006
I forgot to include picoxine.c in the tar file and just added picoxine.c~, my apologies. Oh, is brilliant. :) - Jun 03 2006
The mighty bugfixer? I like 0.0.5 a lot more than 0.0.4 because audio mixers now WOEK, and I would like to recognise the thought for the parmeter to use the internal mixer came from you lot, so, Thank you!

Ho, also calibrated a new delay loop at EOF to prevent cut-offs. Hopefully it will work

Thank you. - Jun 03 2006
Please tell me if 0.0.4 Addresses this problem. - May 29 2006
The application will refuse to start if home is beyond 2048 characters. It's not a security bug, there is no crash, just an error. But feel free to write a possible replacement for the statement. - May 26 2006
Volume option added. Make sure to read the README file. - May 25 2006
I think that's due to your audio output try -ao oss to see if it works. If that does not quite cut it, let me know again and I will increase the delay loop at the end to see if that fixes it. - May 25 2006
Ah... I see what you mean. I will have to fix that then. Thanks! - May 23 2006