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mark shaw Cultus Lake, B.C., Canada
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Apr 03 2014
Always like the option your panels offered. I am currently trying out an upgrade to plasma-desktop 4:5.4.2-1 Debian based KDE complete with all the kf5 libs and your panels do not appear anymore (only 2 options appear on right click on desktop servicemenu - Default Panel and Empty Panel). Can you please indicate what changes i must make to have your panels working again. I believe the changes have to be made to /usr/share/kservices and /usr/share/plasma as i wish to implement the changes system wide.

Thanks in advance for your great work. - Dec 19 2015

Utilities 2 comments

by nihui
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Aug 18 2009
Please give us a step by step install guide for non tech end users.

Thanks in advance. - Dec 12 2009

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Nov 08 2006
Could you please give a step by step install instruction for the non tech end user - Dec 12 2009