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T Smits

Wallpaper Other by devilkills 1 comment

Nice one, but this is NOT 2560x1600. It's 1920x1200 - Jan 02 2008

Ice-WM Themes by roberTO21 37 comments

The download link is down :-S - Dec 27 2007
High res fireworks II

Wallpaper Other by japper 1 comment

Weird, this one didn't show up on my RSS feed.

This is the only High Resolution shot of the series. A little misleading itsn't it? ;)

Nice as a background, but could you still fix the fring errors in the original? - Dec 20 2007
High res fireworks III

Wallpaper Other by japper 1 comment

For a moment there I thought you actually meant HIGH resolution.

I don't know what's high about this (apart from it probably being high in the sky), but the resolution isn't one of them.

To be a real ass: it could use some fringe fixing too :)
- Dec 20 2007
microscope ant

Wallpaper Other by caminoix 3 comments

It looks as if it is scanned from a magazine (looking at the line at the lower half). Then how can this be GPL? - Apr 23 2005

Wallpaper Other by henkwww 2 comments

A nice picture of a beautiful piece of our country :) - Feb 19 2005
kerastik blue

KDE 3 Color Schemes by vicokde 3 comments

Wow this is amazing! Good work!!

Finally; a decent taskbar! :) - Nov 08 2004
brushed tux

Wallpaper Other by terra 1 comment

A bit to blurry if you ask me... - Sep 05 2004
Heineken on Solina's Lake

Nature by komuch 4 comments

To bad it's no Grolsch ;-)

Very Good Picture (TM) though! - Aug 27 2004
Sesame Street KDE Splash Screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by darren 1 comment

lmao, this is just too much fun! Good work! :-D - Aug 07 2004
Linux the F1 of OS

Wallpaper Other by biagio 14 comments

Looks very good! But the JPG compression is really ugly, could you distribute it in a more modern imagecompression like png, please? - Aug 05 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes by xaerocool 23 comments

Looks nice, but why don't you just run m$ windhoze is you want this look? I mean; there are dozens of good looking themes around; why would you want your X to look like something it's superiour to? It's like modding a Jaguar to make it look like an Volvo (with all respect to Volvo), is it not? - Aug 05 2004
no Linux

Wallpaper Other by menne 3 comments

I would definitely have noticed it. I'll never forget that look (after watching the movie 3 times :p) ;-)

You could, of course also ask for permission to make this wallpaper and release it with some license that they want you to use... - Jul 30 2004
no Linux

Wallpaper Other by menne 3 comments

Nice, very nice. Love that movie!

But what about the license for the picture from Shrek 2??? - Jul 29 2004
Send to systray

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Diablo82 11 comments

that is a very good idea!! - Jul 17 2004