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Clara Garcí­a , Spain

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by TheDocter 125 comments

Nice app!

I would like to see a way to use Kommando easily out of KDE, I use Fluxbox with KDE apps, and the only way I can use Kommando is starting the service from Kcontrol every time I start fluxbox, very uncomfortable.

There is uncomforable the way Kommando exits if you accidentally get the mouse out of the circle. I would prefer Kommando to close only when you click and application or when you CLICK out of the circle, not only getting out the mouse pointer.

Do you know about ToEE (Temple of Elemental Evil) radial menu? it's even better than NWN menu, it allows you to return to every submenu when you want only with a click, I like very much the way it shows news subsmenus without erasing the parent menus, but an image will explain it better:

I know this is very different from what Kommando does actually, but I only drop here the idea and maybe you or others would be interested in develop something like the ToEE radial menu. - Jan 02 2009